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Thursday, Dec 18, 2014
The End of a Crazy Year...
By Jake
Thursday, Dec 18, 2014 02:27

It has been on hell of a roller coaster year for Scientific Wrestling. We started the year with a great training camp in San Diego but little did we know it would be the last one we'd have with our beloved Head Coach of seven years, Billy Robinson. Billy passed away peacefully in his sleep at the very end of February. It was a crushing loss for me personally and my family.

The roller coaster didn't stop there though. Serendipitously, the record-breaking legendary champion wrestler (and coach of champions) Wade "Ace of Pinning" Schalles stepped up to takeover Head Coaching duties for our highly acclaimed training camp. I was nervous but Wade really exceeded all expectations and we had absolutely amazing training camps in New Jersey, England (with Bellator fighter James Thompson in attendance) and Salt Lake City (at Jeremy Horn's MMA gym).

Additionally, our people held King of Catch Wrestling Tournaments and did exceptionally well in grappling and MMA competitions (scroll down and read earlier blog entries for details, photos, videos, etc.)

2014 has been a roller coaster year and we are looking forward to an epic 2015. We are re-launching the Scientific Wrestling website (our design hasn't changed since 2006!) with our new logo and much more in 2015, so stay tuned and thank you for your support!!

1) HELP US RAISE AWARENESS OF CATCH-AS-CATCH_CAN IN MIXED MARTIAL ARTS Help us get more catch wrestling on the big stage of MMA. We've created our Pinisher campaign to help wrestlers realize that they already know submissions by making simple tweaks to some common pinning combinations! Please help us raise awareness for catch-as-catch-can in mixed martial arts, grappling and amateur wrestling.

Please CLICK the link, pledge to support us and then PLEASE SHARE!

We only need 32 more folks to pledge their support and it costs ABSOLUTELY nothing more to support us than just a few clicks of a mouse!!

Thank you!


Learn from legendary Scientific Wrestling head coach, champion of champions AND coach of champions Wade Schalles how to pin AND submit your opponent, all at the same time!

pinisher /pin·ish·er/ noun A portmanteau of the words "pin", "punish" and "finisher". A pinisher is a wrestling hold that exhibits the ultimate in control over an opponent, esp. in catch-as-catch-can wrestling where players can win via pin or submission; pinishers accomplish both simultaneously. Pinishers include such moves such as the Spladle, Banana Splits, Wrestler's Guillotine (aka "The Twister), etc.

Click here to grab your discounted copy while you can!


Want a great excuse to escape the cold and start off 2015 learning to takedown, pin and submit from the best in the business? Wade Schalles is arguably one of the greatest pinners to EVER live. Insofar as pinning is relevant to catch, Wade is perhaps our tribe's greatest asset yet. He is renowned for his pins that are also submissions (i.e., Pinishers), like the spladle (which he invented for pete's sake). Further, he was introduced to wrestling at the YMCA during a time where catch was practiced there (he tells the anecdote about his introduction to wrestling better than I) but is where his entire "legal pain" approach originated. Additionally he has world champion experience in submissions via sambo and judo.

Suffice it to say, these alone should be relevant to anyone that *actually* wants to succeed in our sport (wrestling to pin or submit). We've fine tuned our curriculum to take what we're taught with our other Head Coaches (Billy Robinson and Dick Cardinal) and integrated Wade's world record breaking insights into our highly acclaimed 3 day Training Camps.

Also Billy Robinson's hand-pick Asst. Coaches (Sam Kressin, Ricky Lazaro, Jesse Marez, Luis Ojeda, and myself) will be on-hand too!

I think it is fair to say that Wade's grappling learning curve is better than many, if not most. We had arguably one of the greatest catch wrestlers in Billy add to our submission curriculum and now one of the greatest champion grapplers (and coach of champions) is here to make our people the best pinners possible. Our camp teaches submission the Billy Robinson way, pins the Wade Schalles way and our takedowns and wrestling is a mixture of the best from both! JOIN US!

***Special pricing available for Mil/LEO and we have awesome group discounts (for groups of 3 or more attending the same level together). Email me at for details.


Catch wrestling bad-ass Josh Barnett is holding a Catch Wrestling test tournament this December 21st at Brea High School (Southern California) to kick off the formation of his California Catch Wrestling Association.

Their expressed goal is "to bring the sport of Catch Wrestling back to the public eyes and back people back on to the mats as another addition to the existing styles of amateur wrestling (Folkstyle/Freestyle/Greco-Roman)".

Join their Facebook Group here.


West Coast King of Catch Wrestling Tournament
Sunday, January 11, 2015 at 10:00am - 3:30pm in PST

Join the Facebook event here.


The Bulldog Choke: Catch Wrestling Renaissance

The All Time Best 5 Submissions In MMA / UFC


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Wednesday, Nov 19, 2014
By Jake Shannon
Wednesday, Nov 19, 2014 12:14

At our last training camp we filmed our newest instructional DVD with legendary CHAMPION (and coach of legendary champions) Wade Schalles. We covered "PINISHERS", or pinning combinations that can also make your opponent submit. Truly amazing, game changing stuff here:


James "The Colossus" Thompson applying an excruciating spladle on
Scientific Wrestling Asst. Coach Alex Cook as Scientific Wrestling Head Coach
Wade Schalles makes some subtle adjustments

Click here for my in-depth, detailed write up of our recent trainings in the UK attended by no less than PRIDE FC/BELLATOR fighter James "The Colossus" Thompson and UK-based UFC fighter Danny Mitchell. Tons of cool pics, give it a quick scan! (extra special thanks to Andy Crittenden for hosting and coordinating once again!).

Here's a nice testimonial from a seminar attendee:

"I can honestly say that was the most mind blowing seminar I have ever been too!" - Sam Oliver (pro-MMA fighter)

And here's what "The Colossus" had to say:

"My head's still spinning from all the game changing knowledge that was dropped at this years Scientific Catch Wrestling Seminar this past weekend. I'd really been looking forward to it for a long time.

To say I was kicking myself in the arse about missing the knowledge that was dropped there, and the chance to meet the legend that was Billy Robinson, would have been the biggest understatement ever uttered. BUT luckily for me, I did make it to the seminar and Jake Shannon and Wade Schalles' Catch Wrestling/wrestling Seminar was totally game changing. It's only a question of time until this explodes onto the mma scene and evolves, taking mma to the next level. It works, which means it's just like a force of nature… it can't be stop, It's that simple.

I'm currently watching a lot of DVD's (for the old school mma fans out there) to be precise Wade Schalles' Legal Pain Collection of DVD's and I'm going over and over his technique that I learned over the past three days. I'll be the one who hits some of this gold first in a mma fight (new goal).

I can't wait to bring Jake Shannon, Wade Schalles and Marty Jones to Bristol and learn more" - James "The Colossus" Thompson, Pride FC vet and current Bellator MMA fighter James "The Colossus" Thompson

Technique clip from our recent Salt Lake City Training Camp:

Our annual EPIC San Diego Training Camp is coming up fast and is being hosted by Luis Ojeda in San Diego and will be lead by Scientific Wrestling Head Coach Wade Schalles with Scientific Wrestling Asst. Coaches Jake Shannon, Sam Kressin, Rick Lazaro and Luis Ojeda. Not to be missed!!!

Register here (first come, first served!!)


Anthony Sansonetti, reigning East Coast King of Catch Heavyweight Champion met two-time West Coast King of Catch Heavyweight Champion Luis Ojeda in an AMAZING match that tested both men mentally, physically but also tested their hearts too. Both men are to be applauded for a stellar championship match that saw them lock horns for nearly a full hour. In the end Luis Ojeda unified the title to become the first American Heavyweight Catch-As-Catch-Can Champion in a very long time. What is particularly cool is that both men fought their way to the top, taking all comers in our OPEN tournaments.

A BIG congrats to everyone that had the guts to step on the mat to test themselves and put on one HELLUVA a good show! A very game Thomas Velasquez captured championships in both the heavyweight and absolute divisions and took home the Frank Gotch Award! Eddie Goldman and Bob Carson did a really great job covering this historic event! Dan Kanagie and his NACWA ran a truly great event. Here are the full results:

Light Heavyweight:
1st Match - Steven Yokay vs. Phil Caracappa
1st Fall: Steve Yokay - sub
2nd Fall: Steve Yokay - pin

2nd Match - Steve Yokay vs. Dave Ellias
1st Fall: Steve Yokay - pin
2nd Fall: Steve Yokay - sub

3rd Match - Phil Caracappa vs. Dave Ellias
1st Fall: Phil Caracappa - sub
2nd Fall: Phil Caracappa - pin

1st Match - Christopher Amaroso vs. Rick Norman
1st Fall: Rick Norman - sub
2nd Fall: Rick Norman - pin

2nd Match - Rick Norman vs. Thomas Velasquez
1st Fall: Thomaas Velasquez - pin
2nd Fall: Thomas Velasquez - pin

3rd Match - Rick Norman vs. Thomas Velasquez
1st Fall: Thomas Velasquez - sub

Absolute/East Coast King of Catch:
Thomas Velasquez defeated all comers

American Heavyweight Championship:
Luis Ojeda vs. Anthony Sansonetti
1st Fall: Draw
2nd Fall: Draw
3rd Fall: Draw
4th Fall: Luis Ojeda - pin

Our friends over at the Kraken Fight Team also held their own KoCW tournament too! Glad to have some of Billy Scott's (UWFi alum and star Billy Robinson student) guys there too. Here are the results:


Catch as Catch Can Rules
170 and under
1st Place - Braedon Ward
2nd Place - Zach Stacy
3rd Place - Matt Moore

1st Place - John Kessel
2nd Place - Anthony Poor
3rd Place - Dylan Rinck

Women's division
1st Place - Joni Hughes
2nd Place - Tabitha Whaley

In other Scientific Wrestling competition news, Scientific Wrestling Training Camp alum Brandon Ruiz and Colleen Schneider did exceptionally well at the 2014 Pankration Submission Wrestling World Championships recently held in Kecskemet, Hungary. The were part of Team USA that came home with the World Championship trophy! CONGRATULATIONS!

Colleen Schneider, Brandon Ruiz, and Laura Anderson: Repping Catch Wrestling at Worlds


I was thrilled to chat with academic historian (he earned his PhD in history and did his dissertation on catch wrestling), grappling practitioner and catch-as-catch-can enthusiast Nathan Hatton for an hour to discuss nuanced topics in catch wrestling and historical method.

NOTE: My Foxcatcher Interview w/ Olympic Gold Medalist wrestler Mark Schultz. You'll want to listen in to this in-depth interview with my friend Mark about the major motion picture being made about his life!

Also, James "The Colossus" Thompson's thoughtful blog post here about my sorely missed friend and mentor Billy Robinson.


One of our reliable UK Scientific Wrestlers, Martin "Oz" Austwick, has taken to get as many spladdle selfies as possible since having been taught the brutal move by its inventor, our Head Coach Wade Schalles. I think it is pretty hilarious so if you take a picture of yourself putting someone in the spladle, post it to your personal FB page (set the privacy on the pic to "public") and use the hashtag SpladleSelfie, let me know and I will share it to our SW facebook page!

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Thursday, Aug 28, 2014
Catch-As-Catch-Can EVERYWHERE!!
By Jake Shannon
Thursday, Aug 28, 2014 11:46
1) King of Catch Wrestling Tournament THIS WEEKEND! Determining the first ever American Heavyweight King of Catch Wrestling!


Eddie Goldman interviews two-time West Coast King of Catch Heavyweight Champ Luis Ojeda

Journalist Eddie Goldman interviews East Coast King of Catch Heavyweight Champ Anthony Sansonetti:

2) Training Camp UPDATES: Upcoming camp early-bird extended (SHORT TIME ONLY).



Also, for those of you in Europe and England, we will be in the UK for seminar and training camp next weekend. Contact our man Andy to meet up with us while we are over there!

3) Shayna Baszler Rocks the UFC this weekend!

Just when you didn't think Catch Wrestling could be in more places this week, Shayna Baszler is fighting in the UFC this weekend!

Here's a great article on Shayna:

For Love and Gas Money: Shayna Baszler's Long Road to the UFC

Here is Josh Barnett speaking about Shayna:

4) Josh Barnett interviewed by Eddie Goldman after his Big Metamoris Win!

5) Nice historical article on Luta Livre and it's connection to catch-as-catch-can.

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“Jake Shannon has single handedly resurrected one of the world’s lost arts of grappling through his crusade. I can’t think of anyone more enthusiastic about Catch as Catch Can Wrestling than Jake. He has breathed new life into one of the toughest styles of grappling in the world. I am thoroughly impressed by his knowledge and more than that his ability to have personally befriended CACC greats like Karl Gotch, Billy Robinson and others and how he has brought them back into the limelight so that their legacies could be shared with this generation. That took a lot of dedication and a lot of selfless effort on his part. Jake has truly brought back lost techniques and lost heroes. It is a great honor to have learned from Jake and to call him friend.” - Brandon Ruiz, FILA Grappling World Champion, NAGA Grappling World Champion, 2X Pancrase World Champion, Greco Roman Wrestling Pan Am Silver Medalist, 8 x Greco Roman & Freestyle Wrestling All-American, 2nd Degree Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Ruiz Combat Grappling

"Honest, Hardworking, Strong Character, Creative, & Energetic... Wow. Jake you're on a roll with this certification! I support you wholeheartedly my friend." - Mark Schultz, Olympic Gold Medal-winning wrestler, successful UFC competitor, 2x Freestyle Wrestling World Champion, and 3x NCAA Wrestling Champion.

"[Scientific Wrestling is] the most legitimate, honest website and conglomerate of people that are true fans of catch wrestling that have the right spirit for it. It's not trying be something different or trying sell something. It's trying to honor the memory and trying to keep the history alive and that is really important to me." - Neil Melanson, Head Grappling Coach for UFC legend Randy Couture and Xtreme Couture Las Vegas

"Jake Shannon and his Scientific Wrestling program has allowed me to train with the best in the world. After visiting coach Shannon and training catch as catch can for the first time in 2007, I quickly realized that I needed to learn a style that didn't take away from my collegiate wrestling and judo experience. Instead, catch allowed me to learn submissions from positions that I was already used to. I couldn't be more grateful to Jake for putting me in that crooked neck scissors a few years ago and opening my eyes to painful techniques that really work. Nothing flashy, no politics, just catch as catch can!" - Luis Ojeda, 2X King of Catch Wrestling Heavyweight Champ, Current NACWA Heavyweight Champion, Scientific Wrestling Assistant Coach (under Billy Robinson)


"Catch somehow ignited a fire in me that those samurai esq styles could not. I have a renewed interest in all things Western! From various Wrestling styles, sword & pole-arm combat, hand to hand combat & most importantly: History & Autodidacticism. It all started with exposure to Thank you for filtering out the nonsense so those who seek the truth about Catch Wrestling can do so." - Michael Guzman

" is an excellent web resource, offering a large number of high quality videos... The information is top notch, especially for submission wrestling. I got a particularly good compression armlock from the welcome page alone" - Review from Fighters Review

"When I first sat down and watched Yoshiaki Fujiwara's Submission Master DVD I was blown away by it. I honestly love this DVD... Outside of the actual techniques there are some fantastic conditioning segments that present all of the latest and greatest methods for getting in shape. This is almost exactly the same stuff you've already spent your hard earned money on so that you could get the newest fitness innovations . . . except it was originally recorded before UFC 1!" - Review from

"Dear Jake, What you have put together is wonderful! Very insightful. You will run a great clinic and be a success. I have never seen anything like this." - Frankie Cain (aka The Great Mephisto), Carnival Wrestler and Boxer and Wild Bull Rider

"A tremendous, spectacular text filled with fascinating material!! ...Strangler Lewis, Earl Liederman, the notes on gouging, I'm only 1/3 of the way, I've found interesting thoughts and memorabilia on each page! Thanks for this treasure & congratulations!" - Dick Cardinal, former carnival wrestler and Catch As Catch Can Wrestling Legend

"This is a very nice and impressive book, and, as the author of 16 books myself, I know how much work goes into such a project. The book will be placed in our library here at the museum, so that others can have access to it." -Mike Chapman, Executive Director of the International Wrestling Institute and Museum

"The Sport of Catch Wrestling is a unique combination of historical information, a pictorial of authentic catch wrestling techniques, and a practical workbook. Jake is to be commended for his efforts to both preseve and spread catch-as-catch-can wrestling." - Mark S. Hewitt, author of Catch Wrestling: A Wild and Wooly Look at the Early Days of Pro Wrestling in America

"Jake is Southern California's true master of catch wrestling. Merely shaking hands with this gentleman can bring about an infinity of pain!" - Bob Calhoun, co-author of The Godfather of Grappling and author of BEER, BLOOD & CORNMEAL!

"Billy Robinson is like no one I've ever trained under. He is a true master. Jake Shannon and his are the real deal." - Tony Altermatt, Former Texas Peace Officer, JKD instructor, Former MN State Karate Champion

"Jake, you are a visionary in the world of wrestling. It amazes me how good your stuff is (which I am still studying), thank you!" - Master Sidartha Lonngi, 6º Dan

"I thank you for the education you have given me in western martial arts. It has been an eye opener and it was worth every penny. Many thanks," - Stephen Hore-Lacy
Victoria, Australia

"Got your books today - currently going for my Master's and just finished a cognitive development paper on religion and gotta say, I'm pretty damn impressed you have Paul Bloom as a reference in the Certification manual!!! Did not see that coming!! Great stuff, have you set a date yet for the next certification? Take care," - Ali O.

"My son was able to use 1 of the techniques from the Schalles DVD in his first tourney today!!!
As he got the chicken wing and he jumped over I was thinking 'Oh Sh$t !!! he's gonna use that technique we watched last nite!' Needless to say he got the pin. Thanks!" - Bobby Delos Santos

"I just got the Complete Catch Wrestler package today. Whoa! It's a lot of information and I'm not sure where to begin. I wasn't expecting as much stuff as I received in this package. I feel very good about my order now. Thanks!" - Rob Tewis

"I have purchased all of the gracie, saulo riberio, mario sperry, and bas rutten tapes, what I have seen from Scientific Wrestling truly is the best Real grappling instructionals on the net!" - Jason Bray

"I received Volume 1 today. I must say that it is well done. It is incredibly informative and well conceived. - Paul Britt

"Hello! I just wanted to let you all know that the DVDs have arrived today. I have had my first look into them and they are in excellent conditions, and it's excellent material, Thank you very much!!! Best wishes from Berlin, Germany" - L. E. Schwarz

"The Scientific Wrestling news is one of the highest quality informative reads that I have found... And thanks again for the integrity to stand up for what is right!" - Ben Benito

"Your site is the best... I'm glad there's someone out there keeping real grappling alive and well. I'm also glad you hooked up with one of my favorites, Karl Gotch..." - Mike Brown

"Thanks Jake, and I'll try to keep up with whatever project you come out with next! Your credibility is definitely SOLID; You're a stand-up guy." - Donald Pillow

"Thanks for doing great work, and thanks for reminding me the type of fighter I want to be. I'm am a big fan of pro wrestling and I forgot all about the shooters. BJJ is great, but at heart I want to be a catch wrestler." - Scott Buendia, President of Urban Warrior Incorporated
Certified: Jeet Kune Do Instructor,
Filipino Martial Arts Instructor,
Shamrock Submission Fighting Instructor

"Your website is a Beacon in the fog out there for Wrestlers/Grapplers &Submission Stylists." - David Tamura