Climbing Down The Mountain: Monotonically Descending Your Way to 500 Hindu Squats

How many of us have set a goal to get to 500 hindu squats and 250 hindu push-ups only to fall short?

Well I have prepared a method I call "Climbing Down the Mountain" and if you can do 100 hindu squats and 50 hindu push-ups without stopping, you should be able to get to 500 and 250 respectively in a couple days no problem (but you will be sore once you first try)

In calculus (and in order theory too) there is a concept called "monotonicity". We are going to leverage the concept of a "monotonically decreasing sequence" and borrow a concept from stochastic calculus called a "jump process" make the "reps" in our "set" curve match our goal of 500 hindu squats and 250 hindu push-ups.

Math jargon aside, you need to be able to do 100 hindu squats continuously. Likewise, you need to be able to do 50 hindu push-ups continuously without stopping. This how your sets for squats should proceed:

100 squats
40 (this is our jump, just to keep us at 500 total squats)

Viola! You just did 500 squats. Here's the key: as you get better and better, shrink the rest periods toward zero and you will soon be doing 500 continuous hindu squats.

Here are the Hindu push-up sets/reps:

50 push-ups

Now this method can be applied to any bodyweight exercise to give you an AMAZINGLY quick increase in the quantity of reps. I've applied this same formula to pull-ups with similar success. Simply find your one set max reps, and climb down the mountain. Each week test your one set max reps (the number should increase) and climb down from there!

That calculus class in high school actually had some sort of real world value after all...!

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