...with the UNDISPUTED best catch-as-catch-can submission grappling solution on Earth and add more clients & revenue to your gym!

Attract and Retain More Clients

Add Alternative Revenue Streams

The Undisputed No.1 CACC Brand

The Fight Gym Business Can Be Tough,
Especially If...

  • ...you're not making enough money and don't have enough viable products to sell
  • ...teaching just one style, such as Jiu-Jitsu or Karate, isn't paying the bills.
  • ...you're frustrated losing business to other popular styles due to lack of a solid grappling curriculum.
  • ...you're clients want to quickly master grappling -- without waiting 10+ years for a "black belt".
  • ...the ROI just isn't there on other Affiliate Programs when you do the math.

...But Not Anymore!

"Scientific Wrestling brings back a wrestling first attitude to grappling, essentially cutting to the front of the line.

The SW Affiliate Program is the perfect submission grappling program for the future of grappling & MMA."

- Marco Carbone, Law Enforcement Officer and Head Coach, Combative Fight Academy, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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We Believe the Only Color Belt that Matters is Gold!

Listen to What Scientific Wrestling Asst. Coach Gil Olivas Has To Say:

Disrupt the Grappling Status-Quo

with the Newest & Most Exciting

Affiliate Gym Program Out There!

Let me help you grow your business with the Scientific Wrestler Affiliate Program. I help fight gyms attract & retain clients, win & make more money with a proven grappling solution where the only color belt that matters is gold, in as little as six-months (and without jiu-jitsu)!

I eat, sleep and breathe wrestling and have for most of my adult life. In fact, I assume you're here because you've heard about the tough style of catch-as-catch-can wrestling I've been promoting for decades now.

I've created this affiliate program because I truly love wrestling (as you can tell by the sheer amount of educational material I've produced over the last two decades). That's why I'm finally making this exciting new system for fight gyms hungry for more revenues available to those with the guts to become a Scientific Wrestler Affiliate Gym.

I've designed it as a business-in-a-box for your fight gym so that you can teach the only catch-as-catch-can curriculum co-designed by Billy Robinson, host the only tournaments with a rule-set co-designed by Karl Gotch, and add multiple revenue tranches to your business, including the re-sell rights to the entire Scientific Wrestling product library, so that you can begin generating a strong ROI right away.

What's more, as a bonus to increase your success, every Scientific Wrestler Affiliate Gym receives 6-month of 10X Certified Business Coaching!

Here's what you'll get (scroll further down the page for even more details).

Scientific Wrestling Coach Certification

You'll be able to teach classes and seminars, run camps, sell online courses, etc. with the 2 certification trainings included! ($10,000 value)

Licensed Reseller

Earn as much as a 50% commission selling SW instructional videos, membership, apparel, etc.!

King of Catch Wrestling

You'll be a sanctioned King of Catch Wrestling tournament promoter. We'll teach you how to run them, and you'll learn how to turn your gym into a competitive attraction to bring in new athletes and income.

Shoot Pro Wrestling

You'll be a sanctioned Shoot Pro Wrestling Promoter and we'll show you how to run your own regional promotion that flies the SPW and Scientific Wrestling banner!

Ready to learn more about getting in on the opportunity to ride with the most trusted brand in catch-as-catch-can?

Become a Scientific Wrestling Affiliate and get this invaluable turnkey business into your hands.

"Scientific Wrestling gives us a better and more structured style of training, a much better than the over-commercialized alternative. It's a proven system that easily incorporates into mixed martial arts, and it's brutal as hell. I'm a fight coach, I coach violence... it's a perfect fit for V-Ten Training!"

- 'Viscious' Vern Earwood, Head Coach at V-Ten Training

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Zig While Others Zag - And Get Noticed

Offer a true alternative (or complement) to what everyone else is doing -- and stop fighting over crumbs. Grappling-literate gym owners everywhere are opting for our unique and proven Scientific Wrestling approach from Scientific Wrestling, and we'd love to have you join the team.

It's my life's purpose to get every person on Earth involved with the sport of catch-as-catch-can wrestling as either a fan, athlete, coach, or promoter. But I can't do it alone. That's exactly why I created the Scientific Wrestling Affiliate Program. Here's the general terms of the Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Program Overview


One-Time Licensing Fee: $9,995*; Annual Maintenance Fee: $495 -- a faster & higher ROI investment than other well-known systems.

*Only accepting 100 Affiliates this level. After, the Licensing Fee will be $14,995 with an Annual Maintenance Fee of $695.


As a special discount for our pre-launch affiliates, we'll knock $2,000 off the one-time licensing fee for the first 8 Affiliate Gyms.


Unable to pay upfront? Not to worry. We offer financing!

SW Coaches and Assistant Coaches

If you're already a ranked SW Coach, we have an even better deal for you: Just $2,995 one-time fee, and $495 annual fee.

"Why'd I join the Scientific Wrestler Affiliate Program?

1. The material covered is something I was already comfortable with coming from a wrestling background.

2. I'm not at the mercy of a jits instructor to say we aren't ready for what's next.

3. Scientific wrestling helps my male and female fighter be better prepared for the cage.

4. I like it for teaching real life self defense.

5. And people that have started with us for jits have all stayed and they love the transition, which I was worried about.

6. Guys that have wrestled feel comfortable opposed to a jits program which was very foreign to them."

- Head Coach Paul Garcia, Garcia Sports Training Center

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Take Advantage Of This Ground-Floor Opportunity For New Affiliates

While Scientific Wrestling is the undisputed leader in CACC education and innovation, and has been for 20 years -- the SW Affiliate Program is brand new. As such, we have a ton of exciting things going on behind the scenes for early-adopters.

The first 8 affiliates will be featured in the new documentary about Scientific Wrestling!

This means you and your gym will get fantastic EVER-GREEN publicity and marketing worth tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars just for being an early-adopter!

3 Simple Steps To Massively Increasing Your Impact


Book your free call with me

I'll answer all of the questions you have, describe the complete Scientific Wrestling affiliate program and show you how you'll make money from the investment.


Apply to become an affiliate.

Scientific Wrestling has always set the highest standards in quality control in our field. All affiliates undergo criminal background check and be invested in the system.


Build your reputation -- and income -- as a Scientific Wrestling expert!

Take advantage of our branding to let everyone know about your programs -- and diversify your revenue sources.

Our Promise To You

We're so confident in our Affiliate Program that we're backing it with some pretty outrageous extras and guarantees for you.


We're so confident that our Affiliate Program will help you make money that we're offering this guarantee: Earn a 100% ROI within the first year or you won't have to pay your Annual Renewal fees until you do!

Full Support

You won't be on your own. Our support team will be fully behind you every step of the way, including monthly Certified 10X business development coaching meetings. Got questions? Need business advice? We're just an email away.

Diversify Income

The Scientific Wrestling Affiliate Program gives you multiple ways to make money from the formidable reputation our brand has. You'll make money from teaching, coaching, selling our instructional videos, running tournaments, and much more!


We don't accept just anyone as an affiliate. When you apply, you'll have to pass a rigorous background check. In addition, when you get in on the ground floor, you'll be featured in the forthcoming Scientific Wrestling documentary!