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with the UNDISPUTED best Hybrid Grappling affiliation on Earth & make money doing it!

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The Fight Business Can Be Tough,
Especially If...

  • You're not making enough money because you don't have enough products & services to sell
  • Teaching just one style, such as Jiu-Jitsu or Karate, just isn't paying the bills.
  • You're frustrated losing business to other popular styles due to lack of a solid grappling curriculum.
  • You're clients want to quickly master grappling -- without waiting 10+ years for a "black belt".
  • The ROI just isn't there on other affiliation programs when you do the math.

...But Not Anymore!

"Scientific Wrestling brings back a wrestling first attitude to grappling, essentially cutting to the front of the line. The SW Affiliate Program is the perfect submission grappling program for the future of grappling & MMA."
- Marco Carbone
Head Coach, Combative Fight Academy
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

At Scientific Wrestling the Only Color Belt that Matters is Gold!

The Hottest New Affiliate Gym Program for

The Great Grand-Daddy of MMA, Pro-Wrestling, & Grappling

We help fight gyms attract & retain clients, win competitions, & make more money with the best in catch-as-catch-can wrestling & hybrig grappling in as little as six-months (and without jiu-jitsu)!

We're assuming you're here because you've heard about the tough style of catch-as-catch-can wrestling that we've coaching and promoting for over two decades now. The Scientific Wrestler Affiliation is a business-in-a-box opportunity with the ONLY catch-as-catch-can curriculum co-designed by Billy Robinson, the ONLY tournament rule-set co-designed by Karl Gotch, re-sell rights to the entire Scientific Wrestling product library, Macebell Strength Training by the founder of the modern fitness mace movement, 6-months of 10X Certified Business Coaching, and mind-blowing digital marketing platform from one of the top Digital Marketing Agency software providers on the planet!

Only Scientific Wrestler Affiliates get:

Scientific Wrestling Coach Certifications

You'll be able to teach classes and seminars, run camps, sell online courses, etc. with the 2 certification trainings included! ($10,000 value)

Re-Sell Rights, 10X Sales, & Digital Marketing

Earn as much as a 50% commission selling SW instructional videos, membership, apparel, etc. Additionally, all SW Affiliates receive 6 months of 10X Certified Sales Coaching and your own mind-blowing A.I. powered marketing platform from one of the top Digital Marketing Agency software providers on the planet! to explode your enrollments! ($14,400 value)

King of Catch / Shoot Pro Wrestling

You'll be a sanctioned and trained as King of Catch Wrestling tournament and Shoot Pro Wrestling invitational promoter. Turn your gym into a competitive attraction to bring in new athletes and income from other gyms and use the footage for evergreen marketing!

Mace Fitness Certification

You'll be a certified to teach Mace Fitness and Gotch-Style Conditioning by the man that launched the modern fitness mace movement and the #1 mace trainer on the planet! ($1,495 value)

"Scientific Wrestling gives us a better and more structured style of training, a much better than the over-commercialized alternative. It's a proven system that easily incorporates into mixed martial arts, and it's brutal as hell. I'm a fight coach, I coach violence... it's a perfect fit for V-Ten Training!"
- 'Viscious' Vern Earwood
Head Coach at V-Ten Training

The Best Affiliation in the Business

Offer a true alternative (or complement) to what everyone else is doing -- and stop fighting over crumbs. Smart fight gym owners are signed-on, and we'd love to have you join the mission:

Scientific Wrestling's mission is to get every man, woman, and child on Earth improving their lives with the sport of catch-as-catch-can wrestling as either a fan, athlete, coach, or promoter.

Let's go!


One-Time Licensing Fee: $9,995*; Annual Maintenance Fee: $495 -- do the math, a way faster & better ROI investment than the others.


SAVE $5k! Only the first 25 Affiliates get in at this level. Then the fee becomes $14,995 with an annual maintenance fee of $695. ONLY 9 LEFT AT THIS LEVEL!


Our $2,495 down & $225/mo. financing option makes affiliation a no-brainer (without dinging your credit)!


This is ONLY Affiliation with a curriculum and a ruleset co-developed by Billy Robinson & Karl Gotch, AND the only Mace Fitness Certification taught by the creator of the entire modern fitness mace movement!

"Why did I join the Scientific Wrestler Affiliate Program?
1. The material covered is something I was already comfortable with coming from a wrestling background.
2. I'm no longer at the mercy of a "jits" instructor saying we aren't ready for what's next.
3. Scientific Wrestling helps my fighters be better prepared for prize fighting in the cage.
4. I prefer it for teaching real life self-defense.
5. Clients that started with us for BJJ have all stayed and LOVE the transition, which I was worried about!
6. Wrestlers feel comfortable opposed to a "jits" program which was very foreign to them."
- Head Coach Paul Garcia
Garcia Sports Training Center

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Scientific Wrestling is the undisputed leader in CACC education and innovation, and has been for 20 years -- the SW Affiliate Program allows YOU to partner with us, just like the LEGENDS did!

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Earn a fierce reputation -- and earn more income -- as a Scientific Wrestler

Attend Scientific Wrestling Accelerator training camps, earn your Coaching Catch and Macebell Strength Training Certifications, take advantage of the 10X Certified Sales Training & A.I. powered marketing platform -- and BECOME LEGENDARY.


Our Promise To You

We're so confident in our Affiliate Program that we guaranteeit.

Our Promise

We're so confident that our Affiliate Program will help you make money that we're offering this money-back guarantee: if you don't find this to be one of the best investments in your life after attending all the training provided we will refund your fees in full!

Full Support

You won't be on your own. Our support team will be fully behind you every step of the way, including monthly Certified 10X Sales training and Digital Marketing support. Got questions? Need business advice? We're just an email away.

Diversify Income

The Scientific Wrestling Affiliate Program gives you multiple ways to make money; teaching, coaching, selling our instructional videos, running tournaments, and much more!


We don't accept just anyone as an affiliate.
All Affiliates must pass a rigorous background check and sign an ethics pledge!