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When you join the Scientific Wrestling Affiliate Program, you get tons of business support, a great brand house, a complete marketing and sales suite, big commission opportunities, evergreen advertising, tuition in full for two Coaching Catch Certifications, Macebell certification, and more! This Grappling Business-In-A-Box is a no-brainer investment:

Scientific Wrestling Coach Certifications

  • The program includes 2 Scientific Wrestling Coach Certifications. This is the ONLY curriculum co-developed and endorse by Billy Robinson. With this certification, you can teach classes and seminars, run camps, sell online courses, and more using our brand! ($10,000 value)
  • Also included is the opportunity to become Macebell Certified by the man who launched the entire Mace Fitness Movement! With this certification you can teach Macebell Strength Training and Gotch-style Conditioning! ($1,497 value)

Multiple Ways
to Make Money

  • A Scientific Wrestling license to resell (up to 50% commission) our instructional library, apparel, online memberships, books and more!
  • Commission on seminars, Scientific Wrestling Accelerator Training Camps, and new SW Affiliates!
  • Promoters License to run King of Catch Wrestling tournaments. This is the ONLY ruleset co-developed by Karl Gotch! Make your gym a competitive attraction and bring in new athletes and income!

Unrivaled Business Support

  • 10X Sales & Marketing training. We're 1 of only 55 certified by Grant Cardone, the World's No. 1 Sales & Marketing Trainer! ($12k value)
  • 2 Months with a Top Digital Marketing Agency Proven to Generate over 1,000% Return On Advertising Spend. ($2,400 value)
  • Massive promotional support from for the events you hold!
  • Brand identity kit for Scientific Wrestling, the King of Catch Wrestling, Macebell Strength Training, and more! ($$$)


  • The first 8 Affiliates (only 4 left at this level) will receive evergreen marketing by being featured in the forthcoming Scientific Wrestling documentary.
  • The first 8 Affiliates (only 4 left at this level) will receive a $2,000 "Early Adopter" discount!
  • Be part of the brand that LEGENDS chose to be part of!
  • NO EXCUSES - Financing available! (Min. 600 credit score required)

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  • Diversify your income and offers to attract and retain martial arts clients!
  • Learn and coach the complete submission wrestling-based Scientific Wrestling catch-as-catch-can system, the only one endorsed & co-developed by Billy Robinson!
  • Improve countless lives through the world's best martial art combat sport and fitness methods!
  • Provide catch-as-catch-can competition opportunities with the ONLY ruleset co-developed by the "God of Wrestling" Karl Gotch!
  • Become a link in the chain of LEGENDARY Scientific Wrestling athletes and coaches!
  • Receive top-tier affiliate marketing, sales and training support!!

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*Financing Available!

Our financing option makes affiliation a no-brainer, as low as $247 a month or less (on an 8-year agreement depending upon your APR/FICO)!


  • 2-months included with our top-tier Digital Agency partner proven to generate over 1000% return on ad spend!
  • 10X Certified Sales Coaching to help you nurture and close those leads!
  • Coaching Catch and Mace Fitness Certifications and Training
  • Re-Sell Rights to the Scientific Wrestling product library
  • Complete Scientific Wrestling Brand Suite (including @scientificwrestling.com email address)!


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