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You may have heard more than one old timer say that "conditioning is your best hold". In our world of strength and conditioning for combat sports, the concept of survival of the fittest is just as crucial. Certain methods and ideas have survived from one generation to the next for a reason: BECAUSE THEY WORK. Having passed not just the test of time, but the test of competition too, old school training methods are here to stay and for precisely the same reason.

The Macebell is the brainchild of Jake Shannon, the founder of Scientific Wrestling, and was exclusively manufactured and designed for him by Odis Meredith (due to Odis' proven ability to unite the best in "Old School" strength training with advances in new engineering technology).

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The 10 kg Macebell
The 10 kg MacebellThe brutal Kettlebell and Indian Club hybrid that unites the best in "Old School" strength training with advances in new engineering technology.  ¬†more info > > >