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How Much Are You Losing Due to a Lack of Wrestling?

With the rise of Mixed Martial Arts, it's statistical fact that wrestling provides the single best basis to win. However, most martial artists today struggle with wrestling, especially if they didn't have the opportunity to do so in high school or college.

Since 2003, Scientific Wrestling has done more than anyone to bring you real, actionable knowledge from the brutal, rare, and brilliant world of Catch Wrestling, the most influential martial art / combat sport of all time!

Scientific Wrestling is the UNDISPUTED leader when it comes to the Catch-As-Catch-Can, aka the Great-Grand Daddy of Olympic Freestyle wrestling, High School/Collegiate Folkstyle wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, Professional Wrestling, and yes even Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu...

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Toots Mondt Colorado Cowboy

Learn The Sport of Physical Chess.

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Leading the sport of CACC since 2003, we offer renowned legends and the undisputed best experts teaching via world class video instructionals, historical resources, and live coaching designed to make you a better grappler.

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With hundreds of hours of rare catch wrestling footage, your improvement will never plateau. Impress your competitors and rolling partners with your improved arsenal of techniques and strategies.

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Whether you are interested in competitive grappling, mixed martial arts, professional wrestling, or even fight choreography, an investment in a Scientific Wrestling education yields dividends for a lifetime. Get involved today.


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Scientific Wrestling provides resources and opportunities to improve as a grappler, coach, or performer!

With limited resources and opportunities to learn real Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling from true legends and proven experts, we understand how difficult it can be to learn this amazing grappling sport. We understand and have spent the better part of two-decades gathering the best knowledge and information out there on the subject.

Leading the revival and innovation of the sport of CACC since 2003

Decades spent studying at the feet of undisputed Catch Wrestling Legends & Experts

Hundreds Of Catch Wrestling Training Camps & Seminars held Worldwide

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