The 15 kg Macebell

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The 15 kg Macebell

Specifically designed for Scientific Wrestling by the wizards at Torque Athletic, this 15 kilogram Macebell is only for those that have mastered swinging the Macebell.

Work your grip, shoulder girdle, balance, and core all in one workout by swinging the Macebell.

While you certainly can use the Macebell for sledgehammer workouts, you cannot use sledgehammer for Macebell workouts. At 33 lbs and 53 inches long, the 15 kg Macebell creates leverage and centrifugal force vectors unlike anything you've ever felt before.

The Macebell is solid steel and encapsulated in a durable Urethane (to help protect from potential impacts) the steel handle is given a premium crinkle black powder coat, this durable implement will challenge you for a lifetime.

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