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Master the MOST Effective Technique Taught to UFC Pro-Fighters

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You may not know this but LONG before Ultimate Fighting Championships and before the Pride Fighting Championships, the UWFi was THE original mixed fighting organization.

Takada with Lou Thesz, Danny Hodge, and Billy Robinson

In the early 1990's a group of wrestlers electrified the Japanese pro-wrestling scene. At the height of their popularity they quit pro-wrestling and joined a new promotion called the UWFi. Their style was called "SHOOTING" (and old wrestling term for when you mean to really do someone in). Combining elements of pro-wrestling, kickboxing, Sambo, jiu-jitsu, and catch-as-catch-can into a new exciting, dangerous and deadly sport, they took professional wrestling to new heights. The addition of kicks and hitting created the toughest matches ever seen.

At their peak they were able to sell out the 50,000+ seat Tokyo Dome in three hours! People lined up the day before and slept in the streets to see them. Former wrestling greats and real fighters came to Japan and passed their style of wrestling to the eager, young fighters. They employed legendary catch wrestling coach Billy Robinson (the U.W.F. Snake Pit Japan) as a trainer in their gym (occasionally even the legendary Danny Hodge and Lou Thesz as well).

These full episodes feature all-star wrestling and martial art legends like:

Kazushi Sakuraba
Nobuhiko Takada
Gary Albright
Dan Severn
Mark Fleming
Kiyoshi Tamura
Kazuo Yamazaki
Yukoh Miyato
Bad News Allen

...with the likes of Lou Thesz (acting commissioner of UWF) and LEGENDS Billy Robinson and Danny Hodge acting as coaches and judges!

Welcome to, the official home of the UWFI's "Bushido - The Way Of The Warrior"!



Nobuhiko Takada
Hiromitsu Kanehara
Kazushi Sakuraba
Kazuo Yamazaki
Kiyoshi Tamura
Naoki Sano
Yoshihiro Takayama
Yoji Anjoh
Masahito Kakihara
Tatsuo Nakano
Kenichi Yamamoto
Yukoh Miyato
Masakazu Maeda
Shunsuke Matsui
Ryuki Ueyama
Makoto Ohe (kickboxer)


Gary Albright
Dan Severn
Mark Fleming
Victor Zangiev
Salman Hashimikov
Vladimir Berkovitch
Bob Backlund
Gene Lydick
JT Southern
James Stone
Bad News Allen
Tom Burton
Steve Nelson
Mark Silver
Billy (Jack) Scott
Dennis Koslowski
Tommy Cairo
Steve Cox
Greg Bobchuck
Pez Whatley
Jim Boss
Bowy Chowaikun (kickboxer)

UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 75
The Budokan Big Showdown:

Yukoh Miyato vs. Kazushi Sakuraba

Naoki Sano vs. Yoshihiro Takayama

Billy Scott vs. Tatsuo Nakano

SPECIAL RULES MAIN EVENT: Gary Albright vs. Nobuhiko Takada

. . .
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UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 74
Back in Tokyo, back at the Budokan:

Yoji Anjoh vs. Hiromitsu Kanehara

Naoki Sano vs. Yoshihiro Takayama

Kiyoshi Tamura vs. Dan Severn

MAIN EVENT: Kazuo Yamasaki vs. Masahito Kakihara

. . .
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UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 73
Another fight night in Osaka:

Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Dan Severn

Zangief & Nakano vs. Anjoh & Miyato

MAIN EVENT: Nobuhiko Takada vs. Naoki Sano

. . .
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UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 72
Osaka at the Castle Hall:

Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Kenichi Yamamoto

Vladimir Berkovich vs. Hiromitsu Kanehara

MAIN EVENT: Tamura & Lydick vs. Kakihara & Nelson

. . .
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UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 71

USA vs. Russia - Severn & Albright vs. Khasimikov & Berkovich

JAPAN vs. Russia - Anjoh & Yamasaki vs. Zangief & Hashimikov

REMATCH - Severn & Albright vs. Khasimikov & Berkovich

. . .
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UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 70
UWF-Bushido Fights:

Hiromitsu Kanehara vs. Yoshihiro Takayama

TAG TEAM MAIN EVENT: Tamura & Severn vs. Anjoh & Nelson
. . .
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UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 69
The Budokan hosts a World Championship evening:

Hiromitsu Kanehara vs. Yoshihiro Takayama

TAG TEAM MAIN EVENT: Tamura & Severn vs. Anjoh & Nelson
. . .
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UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 68
The Budokan hosts a World Championship evening:

Naoki Sano vs. Vladimir Berkovich

Tatsuo Nakano vs. Yukoh Miyato

ISKA TITLE FIGHT MAIN EVENT: Bovy Chowaikung vs. Danny Steele
. . .
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UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 67
The Budokan hosts epic matches:

Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Mark Silver

Scott & Lydick vs. Kakihara & Sakuraba

MAIN EVENT: Gary Albright vs. Kiyoshi Tamura
. . .
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UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 66
Back in Tokyo!:

Bad News Allen vs. Hiromitsu Kanehara

Salman Khashimikov vs. Yukoh Miyato

Kazuo Yamasaki vs. Tatsuo Nakano

MAIN EVENT: Zangief & Berkovitch vs. Sano & Anjoh
. . .
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UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 65

Masahito Kakihara vs. Tatsuo Nakano

Nabuhiko Takada vs. Koji Kitao

Kiyoshi Tamura vs. Yoji Anjoh
. . .
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UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 64
The Rubber Match to Decide the Best!

MAIN EVENT: Nobuhiko Takada vs. Gary Albright
. . .
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UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 63
Yokohama Arena is the site for the fight:

HOUR LONG MAIN EVENT: Nobuhiko Takada vs. Gary Albright
. . .
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UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 62
The Budokan in Tokyo hosts more UWFi action!

Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Tom Burton

Yuko Miyato vs. Victor Zangiev

Naoki Sano vs. Kiyoshi Tamura

Yoji Anjoh vs. Gary Albright

MAIN EVENT: Nobuhiko Takada vs. Gene Lydick
. . .
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UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 61
At the Mecca of Martial Arts; The Budokan:

Takayama & Kanehara vs. Severn & Scott

Tatsuo Nakano vs. Kazuo Yamasaki

MAIN EVENT: Makoto Ohe vs. Didier Montoya
. . .
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UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 60
The Budokan in Tokyo hosts more UWFi action!

Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Tom Burton

Yuko Miyato vs. Victor Zangiev

Naoki Sano vs. Kiyoshi Tamura

Yoji Anjoh vs. Gary Albright

MAIN EVENT: Nobuhiko Takada vs. Gene Lydick
. . .
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UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 59
We are in the Budokan in Tokyo:

Takayama & Kanehara vs. Scott & Severn

Tatsuo Nakano vs. Kazueo Yamazaki

MAIN EVENT: Makoto Ohe vs. Didier Montoya
. . .
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UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 58
Tokyo's Budokan is the place where legends are made:

Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Tom Burton

Yukoh Miyato vs. Victor Zangiev

Naoki Sano vs. Kiyoshi Tamura

Yoji Anjoh vs. Gary Albright

MAIN EVENT: Nobuhiko Takada vs. Gene Lydick
. . .
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UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 57
Osaka showcases the world's toughest sport:

Yukoh Miyato vs. Yoshihiro Takayama

Bad New Allen vs. Kiyoshi Tamura

Masahito Kakihara vs. Dan Severn

MAIN EVENT: Nobuhiko Takada vs. Kazuo Yamazaki
. . .
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UWF Bushido: "Way of the Warrior" - Episode 56
Osaka's Castle Hall Play Host to This Week's INTERNATIONAL Action!

Hiromitsu Kanehara vs. Tatsuo Nakano

Gene Lydick vs. Vladmir Berkovitch

Yoji Anjoh vs. Victor Zangief

MAIN EVENT: Billy Scott vs. Gary Albright
. . .
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