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"Vale Tudo" Book & DVD set ($39.95) by Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Bill Cogswell
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"Vale Tudo"

Book & DVD set ($39.95)

by Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Contents of book include:

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira instructional:
-Omo plata transition to ankle hold
-From omo plata, take the back
-How to armbar a resisting opponent
-Armlock from the guard
-Rear naked choke from a failed armlock from the guard
-From open guard to triangle
-Inverted armlock from the guard
-From sweep to neck lock
-Guard pass to armbar
-Spinning choke (anaconda choke)
-From omo plata to triangle
-Armlock from the mount

Murilo Bustamonte instructional:
-How to take down from knee defense
-From open guard to stand up

Mario Sperry instructional:
-Standing americana
-Mounted triangle
-From guillotine to sweep

Luis Bebeo Duarte instructional:
-Armlock from sidemount

Paulo Filho instructional:
-Armlock from standing

Ricardo Arona instructional:
-Inverted triangle with armlock

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira instructional:
-From omo plata to armbar
-Takedown to sidemount

From other BTT members:
-From guard to toe hold
-Soccer choke
-Toe hold from spider guard
-Half guard sweep
-Reverse armbar

The book:
First of all the entire Book is in Japanese so from the start keep in mind there is a language barrier unless of course you happen to speak Japanese. The book is 80 Pages with full color photos. The Book covers all the techniques listed above including the techniques Nogueira uses in his fights. So in other words, what's shown by him is what he actually uses.

I'm not big on trying to learn a physical technique from a book as you can't see the details that make each technique work. Although the photos in this book are done very well again, you can't grasp what is going on between still photos. However, for what it is (a book) this seems well done and it is possible to pick up the techniques by looking at the pictures. Just be prepared to do lots of experimenting on the mat to figure out the key details that make these techniques work!

The DVD:

Like the Book this DVD is in Japanese and it is also a region 2 DVD which means it may not play on a typical DVD player like we have here in the USA. The DVD is very short at 33minutes in total length.

The DVD covers 11 Techniques that are also the first 11 shown in the Book by Antonio. So the good news is what the book lacks in detail you can pick up on the DVD, at least the first 11 techniques anyhow. Also good news, although the DVD is narrated in Japanese it is first spoken in English from Nogueira himself and then translated to Japanese. This DVD is very well done (production quality) and shows some of the techniques Nogueira actually uses in his fights which makes it worth the price of the set alone. The DVD ends with about 3 minutes of Nogueira rolling with his demonstration partner.

The only downfalls I can say about this DVD is that it is very short, aside from that it's a great DVD! All in all it is worth the price of the set due to the fact that the DVD covers the missing details of the book, at least on the Nogueira techniques.

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