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"Foot Sweeps" by Rob Koll

Bill Cogswell
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"Foot Sweeps" By Rob Koll

Time: 45 Minutes

This is a really good video by Wrestler Rob Knoll that covers Foot Sweeps as applied to wrestling. Rob explains that when he was looking for training partners for wrestling that he also found some Judo practitioners that allowed him to work out with them. This is where Rob developed his foot sweeps and learned to apply them to his wrestling.

The video starts off with a great expanation of foot sweeps and when and how to use them. Rob gives you several drills that will help you to develop your foot sweeps and then he goes into specific techniques and applications.

After several drills Rob explains how to use lateral movement to setup your foot sweeps and then gives you even more drills which build off of the prior drills. From here he covers several different foot sweep variations and drill that go with them. Here is a brief list of some of the foot sweep material he covers on this video:

*Foot Sweeps from the over/under clinch *FS's from the Underhook *Using FS's to setup snap downs and go behinds *FS counters to the single leg takedown *Headslap to FS *FS's to setup single leg attacks *Bodylocks to FS's *Sweeping the Trailing leg *Importance of Lateral movement to FS's

On a percentage scale of how much of this material would transfer to Submission Grappling I would say 100%. There's nothing on this tape that wouldn't work in a Submission Grappling situation. The material is also very useful to and type of Jacket Wrestling as well.

If you want to improve your Foot Sweeps for Submission Grappling, Wrestling or any other grappling based art this is the video for you!!!!

(Editors note: We have learned that this product is no longer available. If this DVD becomes available, please let us know so that we may update this review. In the meantime, you may want to try Ebay.)