SAID Training for Gi Grappling by Rhadi Ferguson & Juan Carlos Santana

SAID Training for Gi Grappling by Rhadi Ferguson & Juan Carlos Santana

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SAID Training for Gi Grappling By Rhadi Ferguson & Juan Carlos Santana

The production of this DVD is fantastic from packaging to content production, especially compared to other material that is out there. Also, the customer service end of this company is amazing so don't worry about waiting forever to get your materials or never hearing from them as they answer every email sent to them very fast.

This material consists of the following sections:

*Ground/Newaza Circuit
*Standing/Tachiwaza Circuit
*Metabolic Circuit
*Fit Moves Style Circuit
*Bonus exercises

The Ground/Newaza Circuit consists of ten different grappling drills designed to be done one after the other in a 20 seconds on/10 seconds off fashion. These are all drills that will not only bring your conditioning up but also improve your technical grappling skills through repetition. There is no equipment needed for this section aside form a training partner.

The Standing/Tachiwaza Circuit involves performing 7 different standing jacket wrestling drills in the same 20/10 fashion. Again the drills are not just "exercises" but rather are skill related drills so you're getting conditioning training combined with skill training. The only equipment needed for this section is a pair of bands and a training partner.

The Metabolic Circuit has two sections to it. The first section combines 4 exercises (not skill specific as in the first two circuits) set to a specific number of reps per exercises. Each exercise is done one after the other with no rest periods. Once you finish your first portion of this circuit you then rest a few seconds and then hit portion number two which is made up of six exercises that this time are skill related.

Again these are performed for a specific number of reps without stopping until all exercises have been completed. Equipment needed for this section will be a Gi hung from a height above your head, a rope hung the same and a stability ball. No training partner is needed for this circuit.

The final circuit is the "Fit Moves Style" circuit. This section will involve eight exercises performed in a 30/15 fashion. These exercises will involve some equipment such as a set of bands, a kettlebell, cables, a stability ball and you will need to hang a Gi from above your own height to perform some of the exercises on the circuit. No training partner is needed for this circuit.

The next section is called Bonus exercises in which Rhadi & JCS show us some other exercises that can be done as well as substituted in your metabolic and fit moves circuits. They also encourage you to use some of your own drills and exercises for these circuits so that it isn't a set in stone boring routine.

I really like this DVD and find the various circuits to be very good in relation to training jacket wrestling of any type. I won't go into the details of each of the exercises or the methods & designs of the programs as I feel you should purchase the DVD to find that out. But, this is top notch strength & conditioning for jacket wrestling at its finest! I will be putting this material to use both myself and with students. I also like that both Rhadi and Juan Carlos both go through the circuits "live" to show us not only can they teach this material but they can perform it as well. Great DVD and I will be ordering more from them for sure!!!

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