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The Physical Body: Indian Wrestling and Physical Culture By Vincent Giordano

The Physical Body: Indian Wrestling and Physical Culture By Vincent Giordano

Bill Cogswell
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This DVD is a fantastic in depth look at the Indian Wrestler's methods of physical conditioning. Vincent goes in depth as to the equipment/tools the Indian Wrestlers use as well as rituals that accompany their training. Vincent also covers the Indian Wrestler's history very well and gives us insights that most would never have known.

The Physical Conditioning of the Indian Wrestlers is absolutely something to see. From digging "The Pit" to Club swinging to an vast array of Bodyweight exercises you get to see how hard these guys actually train and how dedicated to it they are. It's not just "working out" to these guys; it's a way of life for men and boys of all ages. It was amazing to see some of the children who appeared no older than 8 to be in there training just as hard as grown men and wrestling just as hard as well.

When it comes to Club (Jori) swinging these guys are no joke! They swing clubs of all sizes and shapes and even a club called the "Nail Jori" which is covered in sharp nails. The point to the Nail Jori is perfection in technique as if you were to allow the club to hit any part of your body you would find yourself most likely bleeding and learning a hard lesson. They also practice swinging "Sumtola" which are logs with handles cut into them. What I appreciated most was the way they performed all their exercises, not in linear type fashion as you would find in most weight training here in the US, but rather they use circular motions which to me make so much more sense in relation to functionality.

Another unique tool for their training is the Mallakhamb or "The Wrestler's Pole". I had never seen anything like this except at the circus and watched as men and children alike do amazing gymnastic exercises on a large Pole. The amount of control they have over their bodies is awe inspiring. It gives you a whole new appreciation for the Indian Wrestler's abilities and love of Wrestling and Physical Culture.

There are many more amazing Physical training pieces in this DVD and I can only say Get this DVD! It is without a doubt the most comprehensive material about Indian Wrestler's and their Physical Culture available on DVD! Well done!!! I can only hope Vincent has more of these projects planned.

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