Mentioned in the May 28th Wrestling Observer Newsletter | Welcome to, the VERY Best in Catch Wrestling!

Mentioned in the May 28th Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Jake Shannon
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I was pleasantly surprised (mostly) to read this week's Wrestling Observer and read the following:

"Jake Shannon of Submission Wrestling has licensed TV rights for all the UWFI footage from the 90s. He plans to air it on the internet (they are airing new one hour shows on his site) and is trying to broker a TV deal. Most of the footage, which at times was popular in other countries and includes some incredible matches with people like Takada, Vader, and Kiyoshi Tamura, has never aired in the U.S. except briefly on a cable station in New York. I could see one of the "B" level sports networks being interested..."

Uncanny that he knew all this, although some of it is not entirely accurate. First I think he meant to write "Scientific" Wrestling, not "Submission". Second, Vader is not in this footage whatsoever since it is primarily focused upon shoot-style professional wrestling.

That being said, Mr. Meltzer is absolutely correct that we are currently shopping it to a couple different television producers and we are airing the next hi-res episode every week right here at Right now is the perfect time for both given the all-time popularity highs that both Ultimate Fighting and WWE are experiencing world-wide.

Stay tuned to this blog for more details as they come available!