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Some Good Resources for Aspiring Catch Wrestlers...

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Some Good Resources for Aspiring Catch Wrestlers...

I am frequently asked if I will give out private contact information for some of the old-time legit catch wrestlers that I know but the answer is always "No".

Despite my mission to share the techniques and lifestyle of real Catch Wrestlers please understand that I respect the old-timers privacy. However, do feel free to send any letters to me and I will do my best to forward them on to the fellas.

Another frequently asked question people ask me is whom I consider to be "Legitimate" authorities on CACC that are still alive. Well, here is a quick list off the top of my head:

Karl Gotch

Yoshiaki Fujiwara

Minoru Suzuki Masakatsu Funaki

Frank Shamrock

Ken Shamrock

Erik Paulson

Dick Cardinal

Billy Wicks Johnny Husky

Billy Robinson

Hidetaka Aso

Kazushi Sakuraba

Josh Barnett

Matt Hume

Now this list is not definitive, it is just a good jumping off point for the sincerely interested. Also, here is a great resource page set up by member Bill Cogswell for those interested in becoming a part of the new generation of legit Catch Wrestlers, check it out here.

Also for those of you who can't afford the membership fee to this site we also have our free Catch forum over at MMA.TV that I was asked to lead. Please drop in and say "hi":

The MMA.TV Catch Wrestling Forum