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Karl Gotch and Jake Shannon chat (04/08/05) Part Two

Jake Shannon - July 25, 2017
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KG: Don't take no gifts. Like those slot machines. There are one-armed bandits, too.

JS: No. I'm telling you. I enjoy talking to you. You really have a lot for me to learn from. Like all the stuff about the Indian clubs today…

KG: Yeah, but don't ask me about politics, because I don't know nothing.

JS: Yeah, trust me. There's a reason why I never ask you about politics.

KG: You know why? One time they asked me. And they say, "Who are you going to vote for?" You know -- they come around? "Do you know who you're going to vote for?" I said, "Me? I don't vote." They said, "You don't vote? Do you know what it took to get a vote?" I said, "Yeah, but what the hell is the difference. You've got only two parties." And they're all in it together. And then another thing, too. One groups goes off, the other one comes on." I said, "They're all thieves."

JS: Yes. You know what? I agree. Boy. That's really funny because I've always taken the position that I don't vote and people are always so, "Oh, my God. You don't vote?" I'm like, "Tell me one time in history when a major election was decided by one single vote. Never. It doesn't matter. It's a waste of my time." And you are right. They're all the same. Like whether you look at George Bush or Bill Clinton, they have the same thing to say."

KG: Yeah, they're selling the same bill of goods.

JS: Yeah. And you're totally right. It's like a false alternative. What I always heard is that Democracy is four wolves and a lamb voting on what's for dinner.

KG: I tell you one thing. You've got the Democrats and Republicans, right?

JS: Yeah.

KG: So, at the end, when they don't make it out, you've only two parties, and if they don't make it out, then they work together for that one thing that they can make a decision on. So, what the hell have you got? You've got two guys that are like two heads on one belly.

JS: Yeah.

KG: So, hey. Like in Europe, in the country, you've got 10 or 12 parties. You can vote a lot of different ways. And even another thing, too, here. In Europe, well, they got voted out, but in the beginning, there were a lot of Communists. Like in Germany. And the Communist Party. You know, they voted for them until they saw which is which. If you would say you're a Communist, boy you're condemned.

JS: Yes.

KG: That's like you're a goddamned leopard. Why not? If the guy is that, let him find out for himself. He can find out if it's good or no good. How can you ever say Communism is no good if you never worked with it? If you never found out about it?

JS: Well, that is like that George Gordienko.

KG: Yeah. That's how he got kicked out of the States.

JS: Yeah.

KG: But he was a jackass, you know.

JS: I didn't know. I don't know him, but I always heard that because of the Communism thing, he got blacklisted.

KG: Yes, they blacklisted him because he worked for Communism. Because he's a Russian, but he was born in Canada.

JS: I see.

KG: And his folks were from there. His brother is a butcher there. I talked once with him and I said, "Look. You remind me of a pile of shit." And he said, "Why?" Because he said he was tough and this and that. I didn't give a goddamn hoot-and-hail for him. I said, "The more you stir it up, the harder it stinks, and the more you talk, that's what you get."

JS: But why? Why didn't you like him?

KG: Listen. I've never met you or nothing. But what makes me better than you or you better than me?

JS: Yeah. I mean, I don't know. Nothing really. We're both people.

KG: Well, that's it. That's the way I look at it. Like if I go and I have a conversation with guys when they talk about politics or this and that, that's not my field. Why don't you talk with a guy? And he said, "Yeah. What about this and this course and this thing?" Like in college or something. Hey. I might as well talk about belly dancing. I don't know a goddamned thing about it. To each his own, right?

But he thought that his shit didn't stink but his farts were giving him away. Well, he made nothing but enemies. And he was a bully. A bully usually is nothing.

JS: Yeah, that's true.

KG: A guy that does that -- he doesn't try to convince the other guy. He tries to convince himself that he's tough. You know, he was a bully, but there was a guy who came from Europe. A Hungarian kid, too. I know him because I'm part Hungarian. And he had been second in the Olympics. Tough guy. [Joschi Kovacs] He wrestled with Gordienko. Gordienko was real nice with him.

JS: Because he was a tough guy.

KG: Yes. But then they show you how much guts you got. He had no fuckin' balls when it came to it. And he played ball right away. So he was only good for pushing or [pulling, and suckering around]. That doesn't always help him from his asshole. That doesn't make you too big in my book.

JS: Yeah. I agree.

KG: Well, maybe I'm wrong and they're right, but at least I can sleep at night. I think I never did nobody wrong.

JS: Right. No, I agree. See, the thing that's cool, too, is you have first-hand knowledge of all these guys. I've only been able to read about them.

KG: Well, most of them, they're all gone now.

JS: Yeah, a lot of them are.

KG: The ones that I knew. Well, I'm pushing 81. In a couple of months, I'll be 81, so…

JS: Right.

KG: Those guys that go around with me, they all have the bell ringing for them already. I hope they wait a little while for ringing the bell for me.

JS: I think you keep doing your Maxick exercises and make sure you get your daily sin every day, and I think you'll be all right.

KG: Oh, yeah. That's what makes me all right. The only thing I really miss -- well, I can't anymore because of those two implants -- is a dog. I always had a dog, since I was six years old.

JS: Yeah. And you liked to go walk with and stuff.

KG: No. They're my friend. They're real true. True blue.

JS: I'm been thinking about getting a pit bull terrier.

KG: That's the greatest dog in the world. And the one guy, they said, "You get him for fighting?" I said no. If there's some fighting to be done, I do it myself. I don't have to have a dog for doing it for me. And they're good dogs. And when it comes to the push…

JS: Yeah, they're very loyal.

KG: There's nothing like it.

JS: Yeah, very loyal.

KG: That's just like a guy. A guy that doesn't say too much and is quiet, you better watch him. Don't push him.

JS: Yeah. All right, well I won't keep you. I know I've been monopolizing your time.

KG: No. The only thing is it's all right for me to talk, but you're paying the bill and that's not fair.

JS: Oh, no. It's no problem. I get a calling card and it's very cheap.

KG: Okay.

JS: Okay?

KG: All right.

JS: All right. Well, you have a great day, and I'll talk to you soon.

KG: Okay.

JS: Okay.

KG: Talk to you again.

JS: Okay. Bye bye.

KG: Bye.