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•  Catch Wrestling Submissions

•  Catch Wrestling Takedowns

•  The Nelson Family for Grappling

•  Wade Schalles: KILLER CRADLES

•  Wade Schalles: LEGAL PAIN

•  Billy Robinson's W.A.R. Catch Wrestling

•  The Sport of Catch Wrestling Conceptual Syllabus

•  Macebell Strength Training Basics

•  Pro Wrestling Fujiwaragumi



•  Karl Gotch's Conditioning for Combat Sports Expanded Deluxe Edition

•  Wade Schalles: THE PINISHER

•  Josh Barnett's Attacking the Guard Seminar

•  Kris Iaskevitch - Hammerlock Guard Pass

•  Erik Paulson - How I Discovered Neck Cranks

•  Wade Schalles - Killer Cradles: 'Cradles: The Most Powerful Pinning Combination Known to Man'

•  Wade Schalles - Killer Cradles: 'Cradles and Riding Legs'

•  King of Catch Tourney: Heavyweight Championships! Cole Oliveira vs. Luis Ojeda

•  King of Catch Tourney: Middleweight Championships! Jesse Kristofferson vs. Mark Houston

•  King of Catch Tourney: Lightweight Championships! Ruben Ortiz vs. Kai Maeda

•  King of Catch Tourney: Lightweight Match #3 Ruben Ortiz vs. Christopher Gonzales

•  King of Catch Tourney - Women's Match Ana Murcia vs. Regina Fresquez

•  King of Catch Tourney - Lightweight Match Christopher Gonzalez vs. Monta Wiley

•  PWFG - Ken Shamrock vs. Funaki

•  Wade Schalles - The Invisible Mauler

•  Wade Schalles - Stay Loose!

•  Dick Cardinal - Rear Cross Face

•  Fujiwara Submission Master 2006 Clinic Trailer

Displaying Matches 1 thru 29 of 29 Found