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Torque Pull-Up System

Torque Pull-Up System
Price Today $520.00

This system is the Next Generation of transportable Pull-Up systems designed by the engineer's at Torque. This system is a dynamic leap in strength from previous units you many have seen.

If the strength improvements of this unit are in question, take a look at the photo below. That's a 240 lb man standing PLUS a complete engine and transmission, suspended solely by the pull-up bar on the New 2007 Torque Pull-Up System.

- Designed for quick and easy field setup and breakdown. Only a single wrench is required and fully assembles in less than 5 minutes. Work out anywhere or bring it to your client's place.

- New Extreme wrinkle Powder Coat finish will protect this unit even in the harshest of environments. Leave it outside with pride.

- Produced 100% in house and always in stock.

- Adjust from 5-1/2 feet up to over 9 foot high.

- Thick grip bar maximizes GRIP strength while reducing stress on your elbows.

- Use with Torque Accessories like Softball Pull-up Grips, Rings, etc. Also great for hanging a heavy bag for boxing workouts.

If you have grown tired of the ordinary indoor gym workouts, take this system outside and enjoy the sun.

Price: $425
Shipping: $95
Total: $520

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