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COMPLETE Scientific Wrestler Package

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COMPLETE Scientific Wrestler Package

For those of you ready and able to have all the best information on all the best kept secrets in grappling NOW, we are offering this exclusive package deal.

This package includes:

W.A.R. Catch Wrestling 4-Disc set by Billy Robinson.

The Sport of Catch-As-Catch-Can Conceptual Syllabus by Billy Robinson to help you master the basics!

The highly acclaimed Double Wrist Lock DVD by Billy Robinson.

The deluxe 4-DVD set LEGAL PAIN by the legendary World record holder Wade Schalles AND his incredible follow-up KILLER CRADLES. Also THE PINISHER

Both Attacking the Guard AND Punishing Rides by Josh Barnett, PLUS the Josh Barnett Break A Leg seminar!

The entire Scientific Wrestling Digital Library (that's over 3,000 pages of material from the legends themselves) sent to you immediately electronically.

Erik Paulson's shocking NECKBREAKER DVD.

The complete Submission Master course on DVD by Mr. Yoshiaki Fujiwara.

The old school tricks of carnival wrestler Dick Cardinal in Submissions and Pins from Carnival Style Catch-As-Catch-Can

The LEGENDARY Conditioning for Combat Sports DVD by Mr. Karl Gotch.

Billy Scott Catch-As-Catch-Can by the UWFi legend.

Combat Strength Training: Wrestling with Weights by UWFi legend and Lou Thesz's only protege, Mark Fleming.

The original Macebell Strength Training Basics DVD!

Brutal fight footage and instructional material in Pro-Wrestling Fujiwara-Gumi starring Mr. Fujiwara, Minoru Suzuki, and Masa Funaki!

YOU save 15% when you get The Complete Catch Wrestler Package as a paid member to Scientific Wrestling Online (Members save an additional 10%!)

Owners of The Complete Catch Wrestler Package will also receive an exclusive Scientific Wrestling T-shirt