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THE SCIENTIFIC WRESTLING TIMES No hype, no snake-oil, just the facts about real submission grappling. Vol. 1 No . 1


In This Issue:

* COMMENT: Welcome to the first edition of The Scientific Wrestling Times!


* ARTICLE: Excerpt from the introduction to The Authoritative Encyclopedia of Scientific Wrestling, part 1!

* FEATURED PRODUCT: The Authoritative Encyclopedia of Scientific Wrestling, vol. 1


ADVERTISEMENT: Finally, learn the science of mat domination from the Catch-As-Catch-Can wrestling legends that were actually there. In the HIGHLY ACCLAIMED volume one of The Authoritative Encyclopedia of Scientific Wrestling:

1) Wrestling I, II, & III by Ed "Strangler" Lewis - Extensive coverage of nelson holds - Learn the Jack-Knife Arm Scissors, Lewis' famous headlock and hiplock, toe holds (including the Step-Over toe hold), and tons more...

2) The Science of Wrestling and Art of Jiu-Jitsu by Earl Leiderman - Includes the rules for Catch-As-Catch Can, Greco-Roman, Side-Hold, and Cumberland & Westmoreland wrestling. - Learn the Flying Mare, the standing crotch and half-nelson, the double wristlock, the head scissors, and much much more.

3) Excerpts from the very rare and exceedingly difficult to find 'Wrestle to Win' by Spyro Vorres. ...and MUCH MUCH MORE.

Nearly 500 pages of information by the masters of the craft.

"The Authoritative Encyclopedia of Scientific Wrestling is an extrememly pleasant walk down the sport's memory lane. Almost 500 pages of century old techniques that every modern day wrestler thinks he invented. It's a must have for anyone who has spent more than one season in America's wrestling rooms."

-Wade Schalles, wrestling legend, NCAA Judo All-American, 9th Degree Black Belt and multi-time champion in Sombo, and the Guiness Book of World Records all-time leader in wrestling victories.

"FANTASTIC encyclopedia on wrestling, this needs to be in the Library of Congress!"

-Billy Wicks, Catch As Catch Can Wrestling Legend and retired Law Enforcement Officer

LINK: //www.scientificwrestling.com/library.htm [//www.scientificwrestling.com/library.htm]


COMMENT: Welcome to the first edition of The Scientific Wrestling Times!

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Thank you for your subscription, now let's get dig into the juicy stuff.

With liberty and justice, Jake Shannon, Editor

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* Nice Amateur Technique Resource.

LINK: http://www.amateurwrestlingphotos.com/technique.html [http://www.amateurwrestlingphotos.com/technique.html]

* 1952 Gene Tunney article about Boxers vs. Wrestlers.

LINK: http://www.genetunney.org/magazine15.html [http://www.genetunney.org/magazine15.html]


* ARTICLE: Excerpt from the introduction to The Authoritative Encyclopedia of Scientific Wrestling:

Professional wrestling hasn't always been the joke that it is today. As soon as the early 20th century, most matches were legitimate contests, nothing like the choreographed melodrama you see exploited by Vince McMahon on television Monday and Thursday nights. There were real individuals (like Martin Farmer Burns, Tom Jenkins, George Hackenschmidt, Frank Gotch, Charley Cutler, Joe Stecher, Ed Lewis, etc.) that understood that wrestling was not just a sport but a science, a means of superior physical fitness and a brutally efficient form of self-defense. Just as Jigaro Kano removed many of the more dangerous elements of jiu-jitsu to create the sport of Judo, so were many of the more dangerous rules and holds changed in professional wrestling to create amateur wrestling as we know it now.

Several successful competitors and champions in contemporary hand-to-hand combat events (also known as Mixed Martial Arts) spent their high school and collegiate athletic careers practicing modern amateur styles of wrestling. By consciously and systematically breaking Articles 53 and 56 of the FILA (The International Amateur Wrestling Federation) rules it is easy to see how one could turn modern amateur wrestling into a devastating form of self-defense (I have edited the articles for brevity): ARTICLE 53 - GENERAL PROHIBITIONS It is forbidden to pull hair, ears, or genitals, to pinch skin, to bite, to twist fingers or toes, etc. It is equally forbidden to punch, kick, butt with the head, strangle, push, apply holds that may endanger the lives of opponents, to fracture or dislocate arms and legs, walk on the feet of opponents, or touch their faces between the eyebrows and the line of the mouth.

It is more strictly forbidden to force elbows or knees into the chest or stomach of opponents, to do any twisting capable of hurting, to hold opponents by the trunks, to cling to or grab the mat, for contestants to speak to each other during the bout, to grab the sole of the opponent's foot (only holds above the foot and heel are permitted).


The following holds or moves are illegal and strictly forbidden: 1. Throat holds 2. Bending arms behind the back (wrestling arm bar) more than 90 degrees, 3. Gathering arms from above by the forearm, 4. Headlock on the neck only with both hands, 5. Double headlock (full nelson) unless executed from the side without using legs on any part of the opponent's body, 6. Bringing the opponent's arm behind the back from above and applying pressure to it in a position where the forearm and upper arm form an angle less than 90 degrees (chicken wing), 7. Holds stretching the backbone of the opponent, 8. Holds with a headlock on the head alone (arms and hands locked) 9. A full nelson is illegal for all wrestlers in the Cadet division or below. 10. Three-Quarter Nelson.

In standing holds carried out from behind, where the opponent is turned upside down (reverse waist lock), the throw should only be executed to the side, and absolutely not downward from above (spike)& &Finally, it is forbidden to lift an opponent who is bridging and then throw them back to the mat (forceful slam). In other words, a bridge can only be compressed.

In addition, it is forbidden to drive forward on a bridge in the direction of the head.

(continued in the next issue...)


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