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THE SCIENTIFIC WRESTLING TIMES No hype, no snake-oil, just the facts about real submission grappling. Vol. 1 No . 2


In This Issue:

* COMMENT: The Catch Wrestling Crisis of Confidence


* ARTICLE: Excerpt from the introduction to The Authoritative Encyclopedia of Scientific Wrestling, part 2!

* FEATURED PRODUCT: The Authoritative Encyclopedia of Scientific Wrestling, vol. 2


ADVERTISEMENT: The second Volume of the highly acclaimed Authoritative Encyclopedia of Scientific Wrestling is NOW available! Includes the classics:

"Life Work of Farmer Burns" (filled with TONS of instuctional photographs and such great chapters as "Farmer Burns' Theory of Time" and "The Art of Self-Protection")

"The Complete Science of Wrestling" by Champion G. Hackenschmidt (read his thoughts on "Greco-Roman, Ju-Jitsu, and Other Styles of Wrestling Valuable Training for Catch-As-Catch-Can" and "The Wrestler's Physical Qualities and How They Should Be Cultivated")

"Modern Wrestling Holds" by Ex-Olympic Champion E.R.Voigt (learn such holds as the "Cross-Bar Toe Hold", the brutal "King Pin", and many more!).

Also, an exclusive interview with one of the last LEGITIMATE Catch authorities, Billy Wicks!

"This is a very nice and impressive book, and, as the author of 16 books myself, I know how much work goes into such a project& The book will be placed in our library here at the museum, so that others can have access to it."

-Mike Chapman, Executive Director of the International Wrestling Institute and Museum

"A tremendous, spectacular text filled with fascinating material!! ...Strangler Lewis, Earl Liederman, the notes on gouging, I'm only 1/3 of the way and I've found interesting thoughts and memorabilia on each page! Thanks for this treasure & congratulations!"

-Dick Cardinal, former professional wrestler and Catch As Catch Can Wrestling Legend

Look for Volume III, coming soon.

http://www.lulu.com/content/77666 [http://www.lulu.com/content/77666]


COMMENT: The Catch Wrestling Crisis of Confidence

For some reason Catch wrestling has attracted some unsavory characters in the last few years either looking to sell crappy product at an unreal price or fake tough guys looking to bolster their feeble egos. Well, now with The Scientific Wrestling Times we are changing that. We are bringing back the real men of CACC, giving them a voice again, the men that spent their time in the ring honing the craft we have all come to love.

We have brought back the instructional books of Earl Liederman, Ed Lewis, Farmer Burns, Frank Gotch, Tom Jenkins, George Hackenschmidt, and many others. Now now we have Karl Gotch's best student, Yoshiaki Fujiwara's video treatise on Catch Wrestling, "Sub-Mission Master" ready for those hungry for REAL Catch Wrestling videos.

We are turning the tide back, bringing respect back to Catch Wrestling, thank you for your help!

With liberty and justice, Jake Shannon, Editor

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* Excellent online resource for Physical Culture. LINK: http://www.sandowplus.co.uk/ [http://www.sandowplus.co.uk/]

* Modern Catch Wrestling at Wigan LINK: http://www.aspullolympicwrestlingclub.co.uk/ [http://www.aspullolympicwrestlingclub.co.uk/]

======================================================================== * ARTICLE: Excerpt from the introduction to The Authoritative Encyclopedia of Scientific Wrestling, part 2!:

American wrestling has a long and proud heritage dating far before the Founding Fathers established the United States of America. Native American tribes had been wrestling for hundreds of years. The style is said to be similar to English Lancashire style, except the Native American wrestler won by throwing his opponent, rather than via pinfall.

Colonial and Frontier wrestlers practiced styles derivative of English wrestling. The three major styles were named after the English counties where they were developed; Cumberland and Westmoreland (a proto-Greco-Roman style) where the aim was to throw the opponent while maintaining an over/under hold), Cornish and Devonshire (similar to jiu-jitsu insofar as they could grab onto a harness both wrestlers wore. Early forms allowed the combatants to wear boots reinforced with steel toes and soles with which they used to kick each other), and Lancashire (loosely based upon Greek pankration and the forerunner of American catch-as-catch-can and freestyle amateur wrestling).

"At first, although enormously strong, my strength was of little avail, and a good wrestler would be sure to throw me, but later, when I understood the science of wrestling, I became invulnerable to the attacks of the best wrestlers that could be found to compete with me; and after this date I was never defeated, either in wrestling or weight-lifting." -Arthur Saxon The Development of Physical Power (circa 1906)

English wrestling was cultivated at a very young age. Both Saxons and Celts adored it, and English literature abounds with references to wrestling. English King Henry VIII was known to have been an especially powerful wrestler.

Here in the fledgling United States, President George Washington was renowned in colonial Virginia for his wrestling prowess in the Cumberland and Westmoreland style. Abraham Lincoln was legendary in rural Illinois for his long string of victories in the Collar-and-Elbow style of wrestling (developed in the New England farming country). Theodore Roosevelt appointed Catch wrestling champion Tom Jenkins as the head self-defense instructor at the West Point Military Academy.

"There ain't no hold what can't be broke." -Tom Jenkins, World Champion

(concluded in the next issue)


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