SCIENTIFIC WRESTLING TOUR: World’s Best Grappling and Scientific Wrestling Coaches! | Welcome to, the VERY Best in Catch Wrestling!

SCIENTIFIC WRESTLING TOUR: World's Best Grappling and Scientific Wrestling Coaches!

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Behind every world class grappler is a world class coach. Now, for the first time, you'll be able to learn directly from the best grapplers in the world!

Many of these professional grappling coaches charge hundreds of dollars an hour, and now you can get inside the training of these incredible professionals as a member. The video clips alone are worth hundreds of dollars, and as a member, you'll have unlimited access to ALL of the clips.

Our past advisors and mentors reads like a 'whos who' in Grappling and Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling. Here's just a sample of those who have contributed to

Karl Gotch:
Also known as "The God of Wrestling" in Japan, feared American Scientific Wrestling Hooker, 7-time Belgium Greco-Roman, 7-time Freestyle Champion, and Olympian. Pivotal in launching New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Pancrase, and the UWF.

Billy Robinson:
British National Wrestling Champion, European Open Light Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, legendary professional wrestler and MMA/grappling coach. Multi-time Hall of Fame inductee.

Wade Schalles:
Also known as "The King of The Pinners", Wade holds the record for the most pins over World Champions, the most pins over National Champions, the most pins over NCAA Champions, and being wrestling's all-time leader in victories with 821, and in falls with 530. Wade also holds a 9th degree blackbelt in the combat sport of Sambo.

Yoshiaki Fujiwara:
Karl Gotch's best student, reknowned Submission Master and teacher of MMA Founding Fathers Suzuki, Funaki, and K. Shamrock (among countless others).

Josh Barnett:
MMA legend, the youngest heavyweight champion in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) history, the current King of Pancrase, Pride FC main-eventer, and New Japan Pro-Wrestler.

Dick Cardinal and Frank Cain:
Outstanding and well-respected "At-Show" hook wrestlers that actually took on all comers at Carnivals.

Plus, we have some of the most incredible members in the world who also contribute to the site frequently...

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