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DO IT AGAIN - Lost Training Camp Footage with Billy Robinson
Jake Shannon - March 03, 2015
An exclusive film compilation honoring the memory of Scientific Wrestling's Head Coach of seven years, Billy Robinson. keep reading

Barring Strangles: The Evolution of Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling
Jake Shannon - January 28, 2015
For those new to our sport, a href="http://SayUncleBook.com keep reading

Jake Shannon - December 04, 2014
Suffice it to say that without catch wrestling there would be no mixed martial arts. Catch wrestling's influence in the American amateur circuit and its profound effect on the Japanese pro wrestling scene have helped shape the development of MMA into what it is today. And while catch wrestling may have become something of a niche style today, it's still going strong thanks to the likes of Scientific Wrestling's Jake Shannon, and in 2014 has had one of its more noteworthy years of late. In a conversation with MMAWeekly.com, Shannon discussed the influence he sees catch wrestling having in MMA, the year the sport has had and the future of the Scientific Wrestling community. keep reading

Scientific Wrestling's Catch-As-Catch-Can Training Camp UK 2014!
Jake Shannon - October 01, 2014
Very Special Thanks to Everyone Here:/stron keep reading

Ted Pelc - December 07, 2009
If most BUSHIDO fans were asked the question, "In what country do you think BUSHIDO was the most popular?" I imagine most would say Japan. For many years we were far and away the most popular in ring event. The second incarnation of the U.W.F. sold out the 50,000 capacity Tokyo Dome in hours! Some might guess England. We got top ratings on Sky Sports even beating English Football. It was the number one series in the ratings. Well, they'd be wrong. Far and away BUSHIDO enjoyed it's greatest popularity in Israel! keep reading

Inside UWF-Bushido!
Ted Pelc - December 07, 2009
First my congratulations and thanks to Jake Shannon for his role in bringing BUSHIDO to a North American audience after so many years. keep reading

Expanded 'Meeting Mr. Robinson' Article
Jake Shannon
Gong Magazine recently asked me to write an article for the Japanese MMA scene about the recent Scientific Wrestling clinic featuring UWF coach Mr. Billy Robinson. As readers of this blog will recognize, I merely elaborated upon the blog entry made here earlier. keep reading

'I'm a Wrestler!'
Ted Pelc
Thanks again, Jake, for this "labor of love"...reproducing all the fantastic matches of the UWFI for an all new North American audience. I'm enjoying them all again as much as I did the first time. keep reading

Ted Pelc
I hope you all are enjoying these great matches for the first time as much as I am seeing them again every week. THE WORLD MARTIAL ARTS CHAMPIONSHIP was another historical milestone for the UWFi. Nobuhiko Takada against Koji Kitao had even more anticipation and excitement behind it than the Takada vs Berbick match. And this one delivered! keep reading

The BUSHIDO Training Ethic
Ted Pelc
In the States, fighters with the greatest results move up the ladder the quickest. In Japan, the fighters who have been with the organization the longest have seniority. keep reading

Bushido- The Standing Bouts
Ted Pelc
When talking about Bushido (or the U.W.F. International), being a professional wrestling company people tend to reflect on only the great wrestling which took place- obviously, this makes sense. Many do recall the great "standing bouts" (the name we gave the kick-boxing bouts, originally billed as being the U.W.F. International Stand-up Fighting Division). keep reading

The Gloves are coming off!!! - Part 1
Ted Pelc
A lot of people still believe that with the introduction of the Marquess of Queensberry rules boxing was made safe and "civilized", cringing at the thought of "bareknuckle fighting". keep reading

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