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Before MMA #1: Wrestlers versus Boxers, Even the Promoters Got into the Act
Mark Hewitt

Goates went on to quote McCullough as stating, "Wrestling is the most scientific as well as the best self-defense sport known to mankind"... keep reading

My Conversations with Karl
Jake Shannon

In remembrance of my friend and mentor Karl Gotch (aka "The God of Wrestling") I am sharing a handful of my conversations with this respected catch-as-catch-can wrestler and MMA founding father with the world, enjoy!... keep reading

Pinning for Police: Subdue Suspects While Protecting Due Process and the Innocent
Jake Shannon

I have long known that wrestling (in particular the catch-as-catch-can style with its complimentary toolkit of surgical takedowns, pins, and submissions) is the single best style of Close Quarter Combat (CQC) for law enforcement officers (LEO).... keep reading

DO IT AGAIN - Lost Training Camp Footage with Billy Robinson
Jake Shannon

An exclusive film compilation honoring the memory of Scientific Wrestling's Head Coach of seven years, Billy Robinson.... keep reading

Jake Shannon

Suffice it to say that without catch wrestling there would be no mixed martial arts. Catch wrestling's influence in the American amateur circuit and its profound effect on the Japanese pro wrestling scene have helped shape the development of MMA into what it is today. And while catch wrestling may have become something of a niche style today, it's still going strong thanks to the likes of Scientific Wrestling's Jake Shannon, and in 2014 has had one of its more noteworthy years of late. In a conversation with MMAWeekly.com, Shannon discussed the influence he sees catch wrestling having in MMA, the year the sport has had and the future of the Scientific Wrestling community.... keep reading

Barring Strangles: The Evolution of Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling
Jake Shannon - November 28, 2014

For those new to our sport, catch-as-catch-can is a tough sport with a rich and diverse history. Catch wrestling, as it is known for short, was born near the end of the industrial revolution in the no... keep reading

'Meeting Mr. Robinson'
Jake Shannon

Gong Magazine recently asked me to write an article for the Japanese MMA scene about the recent Scientific Wrestling clinic featuring UWF coach Mr. Billy Robinson. As readers of this blog will recognize, I merely elaborated upon the blog entry made here earlier.... keep reading

The Chris Benoit Murders & Suicide: Exploring The Role of Head Trauma in Murderous Behavior
Jake Shannon - June 27, 2008

While many in the mainstream media aim to make steroids the scapegoat, many reporters seem to be overlooking the most obvious medical reason for this type of evil behavior. In a recent New York Times article, former WWE wrestler and Harvard graduate Christopher Nowinski became one of the few voices suggesting that repeated concussions may be the reason for this monstrous behaviour.... keep reading

Jeremy Seaton

Highlight videos about mixed martial arts stars are all over the internet these days. This one starts in an arena as conversations stop, a hush goes over the crowd and then even the hush is drowned ou... keep reading

Conditioning Programs from subscribers to the SCIENTIFIC WRESTLING TIMES!
Jake Shannon
Conditioning Programs from subscribers to the SCIENTIFIC WRESTLING TIMES!

The response was really outstanding to my request to share some work out programs and I wanted to share them. Try these suggestions out (from the loyal subscribers to THE SCIENTIFIC WRESTLING TIMES, H... keep reading

Climbing Down The Mountain: Monotonically Descending Your Way to 500 Hindu Squats

How many of us have set a goal to get to 500 hindu squats and 250 hindu push-ups only to fall short? Well I have prepared a method I call "Climbing Down the Mountain" and if you can do 1... keep reading

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