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Catch Hold (England)
Ruslan C Pashayev

Catch Hold (England)... keep reading

Catch-as-Catch-Can (E. Lancashire, England)
Ruslan C Pashayev

Catch-as-Catch-Can (E. Lancashire, England)... keep reading

Side-Hold (United States & Canada)
Ruslan C Pashayev

Side-Hold (United States & Canada)... keep reading

Roots of Modern Wrestling
Ruslan C Pashayev

THE ROOTS OF MODERN WRESTLING - Evolution of the Catch-Hold Wrestling on the Continent. Folk wrestling styles of Frankish heritage.... keep reading

BEFORE MMA #3 - The Zenith of Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling - Tigerman John Pesek versus Nat Pendleton
Mark Hewitt

If I could pick just one combat sports contest to travel back in time and witness live, it would be the side bet shoot- match between Tigerman John Pesek, the policeman- of the Sandow/Lewis camp and the Olympic hero Nat Pendleton which took place in Boston in 1923. These two grapplers represented two schools of early 19th century catch-as-catch-can wrestling. Pendleton practiced the highly competitive catch wrestling that emerged in the northeastern United States under such master grapplers as Hugh Leonard and George Bothner. The Tigerman sprang up from the mid-western rough and ready school, which was just a step or two removed from all-out frontier brawling. They also represented rival promotional groups that were vying to control the developing professional wrestling game.... keep reading

BEFORE MMA #2 - East Meets West-1905: Catch-As-Catch-Can Takes on Jiu-Jitsu
Mark Hewitt

Later Olson offered some comments about jiu-jitsu. He told a reporter in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I have seen the Japanese system of wrestling, the widely heralded jiu-jitsu, tried out pretty thoroughly a good many times and my conclusion is that it is a false alarm. In my opinion jiu-jitsu got its vogue while the Japanese were in the limelight during the war with Russia and there is a great deal of superstition about it. I have seen the Japanese go up against some of the best catch as catch can wrestlers in America and in no instance have I seen the Jap make good or even make a creditable showing against the ordinary method of wrestling. As a means of getting the best of an ordinary man who is not a trained wrestler the famed jiu-jitsu may be all right; but try it out with a man who knows the game and the Japanese is quite out of the running.... keep reading

Before MMA #1: Wrestlers versus Boxers, Even the Promoters Got into the Act
Mark Hewitt

Goates went on to quote McCullough as stating, "Wrestling is the most scientific as well as the best self-defense sport known to mankind"... keep reading

My Conversations with Karl
Jake Shannon

In remembrance of my friend and mentor Karl Gotch (aka "The God of Wrestling") I am sharing a handful of my conversations with this respected catch-as-catch-can wrestler and MMA founding father with the world, enjoy!... keep reading

Pinning for Police: Subdue Suspects While Protecting Due Process and the Innocent
Jake Shannon - July 08, 2016

I have long known that wrestling (in particular the catch-as-catch-can style with its complimentary toolkit of surgical takedowns, pins, and submissions) is the single best style of Close Quarter Combat (CQC) for law enforcement officers (LEO).... keep reading

DO IT AGAIN - Lost Training Camp Footage with Billy Robinson
Jake Shannon

An exclusive film compilation honoring the memory of Scientific Wrestling's Head Coach of seven years, Billy Robinson.... keep reading

Jake Shannon

Suffice it to say that without catch wrestling there would be no mixed martial arts. Catch wrestling's influence in the American amateur circuit and its profound effect on the Japanese pro wrestling scene have helped shape the development of MMA into what it is today. And while catch wrestling may have become something of a niche style today, it's still going strong thanks to the likes of Scientific Wrestling's Jake Shannon, and in 2014 has had one of its more noteworthy years of late. In a conversation with MMAWeekly.com, Shannon discussed the influence he sees catch wrestling having in MMA, the year the sport has had and the future of the Scientific Wrestling community.... keep reading

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