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Billy Robinson's W.A.R. Catch Wrestling
Billy Robinson

Billy Robinson's W.A.R. Catch Wrestling showcases the holds and maneuvers shown to MMA legends Josh Barnett, Kazushi Sakuraba, and the panoply of fighters in the UWFi. Learn as Erik Paulson, Josh Barnett, and others pick the brain of this Catch Wrestling icon!... keep reading

The Sport of Catch Wrestling Conceptual Syllabus
Billy Robinson & Jake Shannon

These are the basics, the fundamentals of our sport. Ignore them at your peril...... keep reading

Macebell Strength Training Basics

Think you know what to do with the Macebell? Just wait until you see this instructional video, you'll may very well cancel your gym membership in lieu of your trusty Macebell!... keep reading

Pro Wrestling Fujiwaragumi
Yoshiaki Fujiwara

The Professional Wrestling Fujiwara-Gumi is a perfect primer for someone interested in a solid introduction to the culture and techniques of Karl Gotch's and Fujiwara's vision for professional wrestling and Pankration (an hour and seventeen minutes of non-stop beat downs and submissions)!... keep reading

Josh Barnett

Riding is a key strategy for winning in MMA and grappling. Exhausting your opponent, sapping him of strength and setting up the final submission to win the fight are the result of being able to ride your opponent well.... keep reading

Billy Robinson

This video is a game changer... Learn the bread and butter hold of REAL catch-as-catch-can with the LEGENDARY Billy Robinson!... keep reading

Karl Gotch's Conditioning for Combat Sports Expanded Deluxe Edition
Karl Gotch

"Conditioning is your best hold" -Karl Gotch... keep reading

Wade Schalles: THE PINISHER
Wade Schalles

Learn the fine art of pinning AND submitting AT THE SAME TIME!... keep reading

Josh Barnett's Attacking the Guard Seminar
Josh Barnett

With this video, Josh tips the balance of power back to the player on top in a grappling match!... keep reading