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Advisory Board

Scientific Wrestling's Advisory Board Members

Wade Schalles - Guinness of World Records for the most victories (821) and most pins (530) in wrestling. He has defeated 36 national champions (pinning 17 of them) as well as defeating 8 World titlists (each total is considered a record).

Josh Barnett - Youngest UFC heavyweight champion, King of Pancrase, and top-of-the-food-chain MMA competitor.

Frank Shamrock - 5 time undefeated UFC middleweight champion, former King of Pancrase.

Yoshiaki Fujiwara - Famous student of Karl Gotch, founder of Pro-Wrestling Fujiwara-gumi

Neil Melanson - Former Head Grappling Coach Xtreme Couture Las Vegas, highly sought after MMA coach, and longtime Gene Lebell student.

Erik Paulson - First American to win the World light heavyweight Shooto title and renowned MMA coach.

Mark Schultz - NCAA Champion, World Champion, Olympic Champion, and UFC winner

Dan Severn - UFC Hall of Famer, 3 time UFC heavyweight champion, UWFi fighter, former WWE superstar

Frank Cain - Carnival combination man (boxer/wrestler) and world famous professional wrestler (aka The Great Mephisto) and booker.

Dick Cardinal - Feared Athletic Show carnival wrestler.

Mark Fleming - UWFi alumni, head instructor for Lou Thesz's professional wrestling gym.

Jake Shannon - Founder of Scientific Wrestling, author of the best-selling Say Uncle! and ghost writer of Physical Chess books, apprenticed under Billy Robinson for 7 years, Shamrock Submission Fighting L2 under Frank Shamrock, former professional wrestler, inventor of the Macebell.

Post-mortem Advisory Board Members (RIP):

Karl Gotch, "God of Wrestling", Olympian, teacher of the founders of Pancrase.

Billy Robinson - Legendary catch-as-catch-can authority, trainer for UWFi, and professional wrestler.