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Scientific Wrestling's Catch-As-Catch-Can Training Camp UK 2014!

Jake Shannon
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Very Special Thanks to Everyone Here: Kneeling - Coach Wade Schalles (World Champion Wrestler, pinning Master and SW Head Coach). Standing, from left to right: Marty Jones (World Champion Pro Wrestler and British Amateur Champion trained by Billy Robinson), Danny Mitchell (UFC Fighter, BJJ Black Belt and nephew of UK pro-wrestling legend Albert Rocky Wall), Alex Cook (Pro MMA fighter and the UK's only Asst Coach under Billy), James Thompson (the Colossus, one of the UK's top ever Fighters), Jake Shannon (Scientific Wrestling Founder & Assistant Coach trained under the likes of Billy Robinson, Dick Cardinal and Wade Schalles), Andy Crittenden (Scientific Wrestling UK Rep & Level 2 Catch Wrestler)

Admittedly I was very nervous about our first camp in the UK without our brilliant head coach of 7 years, Billy Robinson. Fortunately we had absolutely incredible training events and Wade continued to really blow people's minds. Here is some of the great feedback:

"Greatest training ever…” - Reggie Wong (Reggie traveled all the way from Hong Kong to learn first-hand from Wade at our UK camp and has attended camps with greats like Fujiwara.)


James “Colossus”  Thompson working with Hong Kong's Reggie Wong. Jez Ritchie is helping me here.

Check out this post-camp facebook feedback from no less than Pride FC vet and current Bellator MMA contender James “The Colossus” Thompson:

"My head's still spinning from all the game changing knowledge that was dropped at this years Scientific Catch Wrestling Seminar this past weekend. I'd really been looking forward to it for a long time. 

To say I was kicking myself in the arse about missing the knowledge that was dropped there, and the chance to meet the legend that was Billy Robinson, would have been the biggest understatement ever uttered. BUT luckily for me, I did make it to the seminar and Jake Shannon and Wade Schalles' Catch Wrestling/wrestling Seminar was totally game changing. It's only a question of time until this explodes onto the mma scene and evolves, taking mma to the next level. It works, which means it's just like a force of nature… it can't be stop, It's that simple. 

I'm currently watching a lot of DVD's (for the old school mma fans out there) to be precise Wade Schalles' Legal Pain Collection of DVD's and I'm going over and over his technique that I learned over the past three days. I'll be the one who hits some of this gold first in a mma fight (new goal). 

I can't wait to bring Jake Shannon, Wade Schalles and Marty Jones to Bristol and learn more"…


Here is Thompson going over the finer points of the spladle with its inventor, wrestling legend Coach Wade Schalles, much to the chagrin of Scientific Wrestling Asst. Coach Alex Cook.

People as athletic and intimidating as James are seldom as funny or as clever (the only other athlete like this that comes to mind is Josh Barnett). James got the laugh of the day from everyone at training camp on day one when, after experiencing one of Wade's submission pins, he said (with a very serious, solemn expression):

"The worst part of that was that no one can hear you scream…"

James Thompson actually wrote a great blog about his reasoning for originally wanting to train with Scientific Wrestling, and you can read it here (do read it, it is a good piece). Needless to say, to have a Pride FC vet and someone that puts on the table for their family with fighting seek us out was both humbling and reassuring.

With our efforts over the last decade-plus finally coming to fruition and having forged a way for catch-as-catch-can's respectability and growth, we are still providing people with the opportunity to train with the very best, top tier coaches on earth and throughout history (we are please to be the Ferrari of our burgeoning catch-as-catch-can revolution). We are still the trainer of the many of the trainers helping us grow our amazing sport, gratitude to everyone that has stepped up and gotten involved in a positive manner!


This is just before my jaw bone was nearly separated from my skull by the undisputed master of the submission pin, Coach Wade Schalles. His pins will literally have you seeing stars, break your nose and possibly crack your skull (no hyperbole).

It was great to see returning campers Jez Ritchie and Martin “Oz” Austwick and meet our newest scientific wrestlers James, Reggie and Mark Randall.


It was also great to see Marty Jones again. We met him in England last year at a banquet honoring Billy Robinson. Here is a great old photo of Marty (Marty is front row, kneeling) training with Billy (the year this was taken, Billy's students won 7 of 10 British Amateur titles):


Marty went on to quite a great career himself, traveling the world wrestling the likes of Super Tiger (check their match here) and even training WWE superstar William Regal. It was great to see all the old Billy Robinson-style catch wrestling still in Marty's head. 


On Sunday, Marty and I ran the training camp teaching Billy Robinson's style for a few hours while Wade turned on a whole new generation of grapplers and MMA fighters to submitting opponents with pins.

The 3 day training camp was held in Doncaster again (this is was Scientific Wrestling's third training camp and our 4 tour of the UK) at Andy Crittenden's gym, as was Sunday's seminar with Wade. We called the seminar Submission Pinning for MMA (doesn't get more catch-as-catch-can than that, learning ‘submission pins' from Earth's greatest pinner ever).


The turn out was great, we had lots of game, tough guys there with their minds open. The reviews from the shorter seminar we nothing short of spectacular too, for example:

"I can honestly say that was the most mind blowing seminar I have ever been too!" - Sam Oliver (pro-MMA fighter)

The participants were completely shocked to learn that the spladle is an easier submission pin to set up than the current “sub-pin" de jour, the wrestler's guillotine (aka "Twister"). Even UFC figher (and all around great guy) Danny Mitchell was so excited about the material that following the seminar he posted this in our Scientific Wrestling UK group on facebook:

Hit my first spladle in live wrestling today too!

Needless to say, Wade's submission pinning seminar was a hit so I would certainly keep your eye out for MORE pinning submissions (i.e, catch-as-catch-can) in higher level MMA and grappling competitions now that Scientific Wrestling higher and higher level athletes! 


Well, thank you for reading. Wade and I hope to see you at one of our upcoming training camps soon!