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  1. Gotch's Bible: Conditioning Challenge
    Gotch's Bible: First, shuffle a full deck of cards (Jokers included). Black cards mean squats and red cards mean push-ups. Every time you deal . . . keep reading

  2. Jake Shannon - Founder & Coach
    I have done my very best to vet as many of the sources of catch-as-catch-can and I have been very fortunate to call men like Karl Gotch, Billy Robinso . . . keep reading

    Welcome to the World's Leading Catch-As-Catch-Can Organization! Scientific Wrestling was established in 2003. An independent association of grappli . . . keep reading

  4. A New Dawn for an Old Style
    Drew Price
    The Golden Age of Professional Wrestling is often thought of as the era of Frank Gotch, however the golden age, in terms of "technical" wrestling, occ . . . keep reading

  5. Hindu Pushups Video
    Jake Shannon
    CFCS I: Hindu Pushups . . . keep reading

  6. Half-Moon Pushup Video
    Jake Shannon
    CFCS2 - Half Moon Pushups . . . keep reading

  7. Hindu Squats Video
    Jake Shannon
    CFCS I: Hindu Squats . . . keep reading

    Jeremy Seaton
    Highlight videos about mixed martial arts stars are all over the internet these days. This one starts in an arena as conversations stop, a hush goes o . . . keep reading

  9. Barring Strangles: The Evolution of Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling
    Jake Shannon
    For those new to our sport, catch-as-catch-can is a tough sport with a rich and diverse history. Catch wrestling, as it is known for short, was bo . . . keep reading

  10. Climbing Down The Mountain: Monotonically Descending Your Way to 500 Hindu Squats
    How many of us have set a goal to get to 500 hindu squats and 250 hindu push-ups only to fall short? Well I have prepared a method I call "Climbin . . . keep reading

  11. Jump Squats Video
    Jake Shannon
    Jump Squats . . . keep reading

  12. Conditioning Programs from subscribers to the SCIENTIFIC WRESTLING TIMES!
    Jake Shannon
    The response was really outstanding to my request to share some work out programs and I wanted to share them. Try these suggestions out (from the loya . . . keep reading

  13. The Physical Body: Indian Wrestling and Physical Culture By Vincent Giordano
    Bill Cogswell
    This DVD is a fantastic in depth look at the Indian Wrestler's methods of physical conditioning. Vincent goes in depth as to the equipment/tools the I . . . keep reading

    Ted Pelc
    If most BUSHIDO fans were asked the question, "In what country do you think BUSHIDO was the most popular?" I imagine most would say Japan. For many years we were far and away the most popular in ring event. The second incarnation of the U.W.F. sold out the 50,000 capacity Tokyo Dome in hours! Some might guess England. We got top ratings on Sky Sports even beating English Football. It was the number one series in the ratings. Well, they'd be wrong. Far and away BUSHIDO enjoyed it's greatest popularity in Israel! . . . keep reading

  15. PWFG 2 - A Young Glenn Jacobs (aka Kane from WWE and "See No Evil") in Japanese Shoot-Wrestling
    Jake Shannon
    PWFG 2 - A Young Glenn Jacobs (aka Kane from WWE and "See No Evil") in Japanese Shoot-Wrestling . . . keep reading

  16. DO IT AGAIN - Lost Training Camp Footage with Billy Robinson
    Jake Shannon
    An exclusive film compilation honoring the memory of Scientific Wrestling's Head Coach of seven years, Billy Robinson. . . . keep reading

  17. "Foot Sweeps" by Rob Koll
    Bill Cogswell
    "Foot Sweeps" By Rob Koll Time: 45 Minutes This is a really good video by Wrestler Rob Knoll that covers Foot Sweeps as applied to wrestling. R . . . keep reading

  18. My Christmas with Karl...
    My Christmas with Karl... I don't really like to talk too much about myself but if you are reading this, you probably know that I live, eat, and br . . . keep reading

  19. Advanced Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Book & DVD with Alberto Crane
    Advanced Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Book & DVD with Alberto Crane Contents include: --OMOPLATA-- Omoplata -triangle drill Triangle -omoplata drill t . . . keep reading

  20. Fujiwara Clip #7
    Fujiwara Tamco Clip #7 . . . keep reading

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